Armenia Today

Armenia is an open air museum, where you can walk through time and experience living history.

Armenia today is 25 years young since its liberation from the USSR. Albeit it faces many challenges, heritage, art, culture, sciences and faith are highly regarded and held in high esteem. However, it has become very clear that Armenia’s strength today lies in the intellect of her people; more specifically, in innovation, in all forms, especially within the IT sector. 

An Open Air Museum

Armenia today is an open air museum. It is a land of enchantment, with awe-inspiring untouched nature, seven climate zones, each offering a different topography, one more beautiful than the other. Each city is a museum in and of itself, with ancient relics, old and new architecture, churches dating back thousands of years, art, heritage and culture fuse the past with the present, creating a living history.


Yerevan is the capital of Armenia.  It’s architect, Alexander Tamanyan, used the most progressive method of city building in 1923 – “planning of solar rays” into the foundation of the city plan.  It is a walking city based on a circular foundation, consisting of parks, statues, museums, restaurants, cafes, fountains.  

Armenia is a country rich in heritage and culture.  This is evident in every city, village, site, and people.  It is rich with traditions, events, and festivals.