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Ancient churches hiding in the dense forests of deep gorges, fortresses clinging onto towering cliffs, glacial lakes frozen for most of the year, and locals with a zest for life - this is Armenia.

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Did You Know?

Armenia adopted Christianity as a state religion 79 years before Rome.

The menhirs of Karahunge may have been erected over 2,000 years before those at Stonehenge!

The world’s oldest bronze foundry, recently found in Metsamor, might suggest that bronze was first made in Armenia!

Ancient Armenians carved entire cities out of rock. Some of them, like Khndzoresk, were continuously inhabited until the last century!

Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world.

The Areni-1 Cave Complex contains the oldest winery in the world.


From backpackers to royalty, we can help you find a place to stay.


The rapidly growing food culture offers international cuisine, ancient local recipes and every blend in between.


From churches to caves, mountain peaks to fortresses - a new landmark round every corner.


If you run out of things to do here, you’re doing something wrong! Whether you want to paraglide or watch a performance of the Anush opera, you’ll always be entertained.