1000 Years of Village Life Festival

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Have you ever wished to escape from the daily urban life and feel what it is like to live in a countryside? Come to 1000 Years of Village Life Festival on September 30 and enjoy these two days as a “villager”.

29 Sep

​Do you want to escape from city life and enjoy the perks of living in a village? If yes, then you are welcomed to a special festival designed for this need! 1000 Years of Village Life Festival will be happening on September 29!

What is even more thrilling, visitors can take part in the daily “rituals” of Armenian villages. You can witness rural traditions like honey extraction, carpet weaving, beekeeping, horseback riding, and wool processing activities. Have you ever done all this in one place before? 

It goes without saying that the festival will be accompanied by Armenian national songs and dances, and it will be another great chance for tourists to get to know the Armenian culture

The purpose of this wonderful and joyous festival is twofold. First, people will have a place to get away from daily hustle-and-bustle of the city life. Second, the festival will promote sustainability and rebirth of various local customs, and thus keep the villages and traditions alive.

Are you as excited as we are? Maybe even more? Plan your trip now and spend the end of September in this amazing village. 1000 Years of Village Life Festival gives you a chance to practice all the exciting and enjoyable pastimes of village life.