Armenia travel


The unity of Armenia’s rich cultural heritage, exhaustive vast natural resources and human potential synthesize in uncountable ways to offer a tremendous variety of activities for everyone to take part in. As the world’s oldest Christian nation, the abundant churches and monasteries hidden in the Debed Gorge or standing proud on the slopes of mountains are common pilgrimage destinations for both the religious and the historically inclined. The traditions ingrained within the Armenian peoples have spawned a wealth of detailed artwork, sculptures and performances – from khachkars (cross stones) to major operatic works. Travelling across the country, an activity in and of itself, offers unimaginable experiences hiking through dense forests and to the glacial lakes on the peaks of snow-capped mountains. There are ways to push yourself to your limits, seeing your own reflection in the things you do here, as well as more relaxed, family friendly activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.