Armenia travel


Armenians are fond of their spare time. The strong social aspect of their culture is reflected in the variety of activities they choose to enjoy together, whether they are inspired by their love of the arts – such as going to the theater or listening to live music – or just plain fun; Armenians know how to have a good time.

Culture has played an important aspect in shaping the leisure time of locals, as seen by the ancient development of art forms such as drama and the performance arts; theater has a history in Armenia spanning over 2,000 years!

If you are in the mood for something lighter, Yerevan will not disappoint. The nightlife is pulsating, and a growing number of daytime activities provide fun for the whole family! Go-karting, paintball, mini-golf, bowling, and many other fun activities are held at various establishments throughout the city. And if you still have energy when evening comes, head down to Pushkin Street for a pub-crawl brimming with local youth and international tourists, or go to one of Yerevan’s many jazz bars, to experience the fusion of a modern, global soiree with an Armenian twist.

Armenia is also an ideal place to shop, with famous brands selling their fashion at a fraction of the price – and remember, everything is tax-free! Whether you’re after souvenirs, an authentic Armenian artefact, the latest global trend, or just enjoy the window-shopping experience; Yerevan’s many malls and shops provide a unique blend of cosmopolitanism and local life.