Armenia travel

In Yerevan

The heart of Armenia is the centrally located capital, Yerevan. This comfortable city of one million, houses one third of the country within its vibrant and active streets. Its compact, circular town center is easy to navigate on foot, with virtually everything a person needs only a twenty minute walk away. With many parks, museums, concert halls, theaters, markets, hotels, restaurants and cafés, you’ll never want for something to do when you’re in town.

A growing cafe culture sees new bars, cafes, restaurants and street vendors pop up all over the city center year after year. Locals and tourists can be found relaxing in the shade of these cafes during hot summer days, or huddled up inside smoky jazz bars in the evenings of cold winter nights. The varied tastes and appreciation for diverse cultures that Armenians have always had is evident in the variety of décor, music and food offered – from Brazilian caipirinhas to Japanese sushi, Spanish flamenco or Ethiopian jazz; there is even a local reggae band, Reincarnation, that opened their own bar on Baghramyan Avenue!

Almost every second street in Yerevan is lined with green parks and water features. These parks, part of the original design of the city, were intended to provide leisure spaces for the residents of the city. They still do, with activities for all ages! Whether it’s the funfair rides for children, or cafes for the adults, gym equipment for anyone to use or thick lawns to lie down on, there’s something for everyone. Head over to Victory Park just above the Cascade Complex to ride on a potpourri of modern and Soviet rides; if you’re feeling brave, one of the best viewing platforms of Yerevan is the top of the carousel!