Armenia travel


Sports play a big part in the life of Armenian people, both as children growing up, and as adults playing and watching great games. Football (soccer to you Americans) is as ubiquitous in Armenia as it is in Europe, and every apartment block seems to have children playing in the court in the back yard; golf is taking a hold in the more upscale countryside; and fitness centers are pushing the average Armenian toward a healthier lifestyle. Escape the hot summer sun and relax by the pool, participate in a local match of football, or challenge yourself to an extreme outdoor sport, it’s always good to have some fun and take a break from the history and culture of this magical land!

While you’re walking around the city, or driving through the countryside, keep your eyes peeled for impromptu chess matches. Chess has been an important game for Armenians since the middle ages, and during the Soviet period, Armenia birthed many grandmasters. See if you can hold your own against a local in a friendly match – they may not be a grandmaster, but from the way chess is taught at school and has permeated the local culture, even a typical farmer might surprise you with their skill!