Hot Air Ballooning


Armenia may be the most beautiful area in the world for a balloon flight. Explore the country, as you’ve never seen it before! Bon Voyage!

Experience the Thrilling Adventures

The gorgeous Armenian landscapes are beautifully settled for hot-ai ballooning providing a breathtaking scenery and unique experience to the explorers. During your flight you will get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the gorgeous mountains. Each and every balloon flight is different and therefore, an adventure.

Once you step in the balloon, you can completely relax as you’re in reliable hands. Let the skilled pilots of Skyball do all the work while you and your company get to engulf the beautiful scenery that opens up this high point. If parachuting and paragliding are way too extreme for you, you’ll be glad to know that ballooning is considered to be safer than any other type of air activity.

Best Time to Go Hot Air Ballooning

If you’re not able to visit the country during the warmer seasons, don’t be discouraged as hot air balloon rides in Armenia are available all year around. You can admire Armenia from high up even during the winter. All you need is to simply dress up warmer and enjoy the crisp air and the mesmerizing views.

No matter what season you go hot air ballooning it’s always advised to grab a hat and waterproof boots, especially in the case of a morning ride.

Who to Go With?

If you have a beloved one this can be a very unique and romantic getaway. You can even get creative and propose to your loved one while flying over the beautiful landscapes. In case if you don’t have a loved one, you can always go with friends and family. The balloons are designed to fit in 5 people including the pilot. You can even go hot air ballooning completely alone, just don’t forget to bring a camera with you not to forget the amazing memories you will definitely get. Bon Voyage!