Barbeque Festival

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Barbeque lovers, August 18 will be yours to enjoy. Just come to Akhtala and witness the “Khorovats” (Armenian equivalent for barbeque) Festival with your own eyes.

​Already 10th year in a row, Barbeque Festival amazes everyone with its unique and tasty flavors. This yummy festival will take place in the capital city of Khorovats (Armenian word for barbeque), that is to say, in Akhtala, Lori region. The venue is famous with the Akhtala fortress-monastery that has spectacular frescos inside its walls. 

Barbeque festival does not feature ordinary BBQ. Special cooks invited from various restaurants and bars, domestic and international NGOs, as well as educational institutions will make barbeque and compete in several nominations. Prizes will be given to winners in the following categories: Best Flavor, Best Look, and Best Concept.
And what type of meat “Khorovats” will be made from? The answer is almost any meat that would come to your mind: pork, beef, mutton, fish as well as vegetables. It is also important to note that Armenian barbeque does not taste like barbeque in any other part of the world. We will not disclose any further secrets so that you come and taste “Khorovats” yourself.  

Interestingly, the festival has strategic importance for Armenia. Besides demonstrating the culinary traditions of this ancient country, the festival aims to promote decentralized tourism in Armenia. Having this festival organized in Lori region, almost 200 kilometers away from the capital Yerevan, the country provides another spur for tourists to go out of the capital and enjoy the nature and rich cultural heritage of Armenia. In addition, elements of national cuisine differ from region to region, and what you can taste in Lori, you cannot probably taste in Yerevan. 

So, what you need to remember is just the date, August 18, and the venue, Akhtala Monastery. You are also highly encouraged to come to the festival quite hungry to taste all the varieties of khorovats. Feel free to call it khorovats or barbeque, you name it!