5 best restaurants in Yerevan according to tourists

We compiled a list of the best restaurants in Yerevan according to tourists from all over the world, using the information from Tripadvisor.com.

​One of the important questions during a trip for all tourists is a list of places where you can taste the national cuisine of the country. At the same time, of course, you want the food to be tasty, the service to be pleasant, and the prices to be affordable. As for the first point, in Armenia there will not be a problem with this in the predominant majority of cases, since local products themselves are extremely delicious, and Armenians love to eat and therefore always cook with all their heart. Of course, there is no limit to perfection, and there are always places with particularly good cuisine. As for the rest of the items, we believe that the most objectively assessed are not local residents, but tourists who have visited this country. That is why, in this article, we compiled a list of the best restaurants in Yerevan according to tourists from all over the world, using the information from Tripadvisor.com.

1. Lavash,  Tumanyan st., d.21.

Restaurant with national cuisine and focus on breakfast. The restaurant's menu contains nutritious and healthy dishes, including the traditional “brduch” (Armenian breakfast - sandwich in pita bread). Tourists note that in addition to mouth-watering dishes, Lavash has a special atmosphere thanks to its friendly staff and high level of service. Many travelers who visited this place come back here again.
Price Range: $ 8 - 52

2. Tumanyan Khinkali, Tumanyan st., d.21./1

Despite the fact that Khinkali is a Georgian national dish, it is also popular in Armenia and, often, it is cooked no worse than in Georgia. The most famous restaurant of this kind is Tumanyan Khinkali. In addition to the traditional ones, there are fried khinkali with cheese and meat, as well as other Georgian and Armenian dishes. Most tourists checked out this place thanks to delicious and hearty food at very affordable prices. In addition, the waiters here speak several foreign languages, which makes the service process even more pleasant for guests. It also has live music.
Price Range: $ 3 - 7

3. Tavern Yerevan, addresses Teryan st., d.91, Amiryan st., 5, Paronyan st., 7, Khorenatsi st., 29/2

A chain of four restaurants of Caucasian and Armenian cuisine. Visitors from different countries agree that the tavern offers a wide selection of delicious dishes and affordable prices. In addition, several times a week, folk dance and song ensembles perform in the network of establishments, which tourists cannot but like. You can eat and at the same time get acquainted with national music.
Price Range: $ 10 - 25

4. Sherep, address: Amiryan st., d.1

The restaurant is equipped with an open kitchen, which allows you to follow the cooking process. Sherep offers a large selection of Armenian national dishes, as well as European dishes. The name of the restaurant “Sherep” in translation from Armenian means “ladle”. The main advantages of the place, according to the reviews of tourists, are the pleasant service, high level of service, large portions of delicious dishes, as well as the location of the restaurant (near the Republic Square).
Price Range: $ 15 - 21

5. Vinograd, address: Hanrapetutyan st., d.62

A cozy wine restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, offering dishes of Armenian, European and Eastern European cuisine. Tourists note that the restaurant "Vinograd" can be the place for your perfect dinner. In particular, everyone praises incredibly delicious dishes, including grape salad, dolma, cheese plate, grilled fish and baklava dessert. It is worth noting that the menu has options for vegans, vegetarians, as well as gluten-free dishes.
In addition to the above, in Yerevan there are many other worthy restaurants. Come to hospitable Armenia and give your assessment to these and other institutions. We believe that ratings will be high.

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