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Meghri is an oasis in the desert; an enchanting land of blood red boulders and emerald green fields of grain, of vineyards, of the succulent pomegranate groves it’s justly famous for.  There is nothing like Meghri in all of Armenia, with all its natural beauty graphically drawn using a palette of vivid colors. The old town is a network of winding alleys and old stone homes with wooden balconies, and pockets of green orchards growing large fig trees that will later be distilled into a distinct, spicy alcohol.

Whether you come via the longer winding forested road through Shikahogh State Preserve, or the high elevation pass above Kajaran, the views offered from the top of the ridge as you begin your descent are stunning!  Craggy, dry peaks shooting up on either side of the wide, smooth-flowing Arax River, interspersed with the darkest, richest green, on any tiny bit of land lucky enough to be irrigated.  The town prides itself on its ability to grow “nails with a little rain”, a hardened mentality stemming from centuries of surviving nature and invading armies in this picturesque valley.

Its medieval fortress towers over 4th – 17th century churches, adorned with unique frescoes using Persian motifs due to the proximity and cultural exchange with the Persian peoples. Besides the history in the town, the surrounding area is also peppered with historic churches in the small lost cities of the Malyev River Valley.


Region : Syunik

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