Ski Resorts in Armenia

The best ski resorts in Armenia: well equipped, picturesque nature and pleasant climate․

Ski Resorts​

Today, ski tourism is actively developing in Armenia and in winter it is visited by a huge number of tourists, from advanced skiers to amateurs.

The complexes, which offer winter sports and entertainment, comply with safety standards, and are equipped with modern technologies. The tracks are suitable for tourists with any level of skiing skills. Also, one of the important advantages of winter holidays in Armenia are affordable prices.

The natural and climatic conditions of Armenia are also favorable for snowboarding - Tsaghkadzor and Ashotsk offer excellent tracks for snowboarders. In addition, snowshoeing has becoming popular in Armenia and some travel agencies include this type of winter activity in their tour packages.


Tsaghkadzor (meaning ‘the valley of flowers’) is the most famous, largest and most developed mountain resort in Armenia, located 40 minutes from Yerevan at the foot of Mount Teghenis. In Soviet times, the sports base of the Olympic reserve of the Soviet Union was located here. Today there are many hotels, restaurants, shops and everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay in Tsaghkadzor.

The ski season in Tsaghkadzor begins in mid-December and lasts until the end of March. Daytime temperatures in winter range from -2 to -6 degrees.

Currently, Tsaghkadzor is a modern resort, with ropeway and ski slopes equipped with quality equipment, comfortable hotels and restaurants. 

For experienced skiers, steep slopes are more suitable. For ski lovers, there is a calmer track 3 km long. The sports complex also offers the services of professional instructors.

From the top of Mount Teghenis, which can be reached by the LEITNER ropeway a picturesque panorama opens.

Station working hours: 1st station from 10:00 to 18:00; 2nd station from 10:00 to 17:30; 3rd station from 10:00 to 17:00; 4th station from 10:00 to 17:30
Prices: the cost of renting a set of skis is 5000 AMD per day, snowboard - 7000 AMD. Instructor services are provided for 10,000 AMD per hour for skiing and 15,000 AMD for snowboarding. The cost of one lift is AMD 2000; refueling a card for 12 lifts- 7000 drams, subscription for a week - 60,000 drams.
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Ashotsk village - Center for International Ski Races

Ashotsk village is located in the Shirak region of Armenia. The climate in Ashotsk is continental, dry. In winter, there are severe frosts and high rainfall. Ashotsk can be named as the snowiest region of Armenia. The duration of winter here can go up to 5-6 months. Thanks to such favorable conditions for skiing, the village of Ashotsk has already established itself as a center for skiing in Armenia. The Armenian government intends to make the village one of the main ski destinations of the Republic. In 2017, the International Ski Federation certified four ski runs in Ashotsk, which regularly host major international and local competitions. In 2019, with the assistance of the European Union in Armenia, Cross-Country Skiing Centre  for professional athletes was also built in Ashotsk. Today, Ashotsk has all the prerequisites in order to become an international skiing center.

Lernanist - a new direction for winter holidays

The village of Lernanist is located in the Kotayk region, 45 km from Yerevan. This is a mountainous settlement and in winter there is a lot of snow that will persist for several months. Therefore, the mountain slopes of Lernanist are excellent for skiing and other winter sports. In 2017, thanks to private investment, a ski trail and a 350-meter ski lift were built with. Nearby are the rental of necessary sports equipment and a cafe. In addition to skiing in the center, you can ride on tubes (inflatable sleds) and a snowmobile. In addition to sports entertainment, in the village of Lernanist there are many historical and cultural monuments and a museum of applied art.