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Yerevan Christmas Market 06 Dec, 2016
Yerevan Christmas Market

The Yerevan Christmas Market’s origins can be traced back to French-Armenian repatriate brothers Pierre/Petros and Tigran Baghdanyan saw their opportunity to incorporate the European Christmas tradition, whereby local businesses and artisans display their handicrafts to seasonal shoppers strolling by.

  This unique yuletide social experience is both a chance for local businesses to promote themselves and an opportunity for the locals and tourists to gather and enjoy the festive spirit.

For the month between December 5th and January 6th, this market is open to everyone between 1:00 PM and 10:00 PM, on the pedestrian promenade, Northern Avenue.

Nowruz celebration 15 Mar, 2017
Nowruz celebration


From 15 March to 3 April, in the scope of the Nowruz celebrations marking the beginning of spring, all the Persian tourists visiting Armenia will be warmly welcomed and provided with Persian tourism magazines about Armenia and Yerevan in the RA border crossing points especially in the waiting room of Meghri checkpoint.

Following the celebrations, festivities and fairs are planned to be held in the Northern Avenue of Yerevan.

For the first time this year there will be a 24-hour hotline available to our neighbors, providing all the necessary information in Persian (healthcare, emergencies, tourism, culture, police).


Read text in Persian. 


“Matenadaran” Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts
Working days Tuesday-Saturday,
Working hours: 10:00-17:00
Persian, Arabic and Ottoman manuscripts are presented in the hall of oriental manuscripts, which are more than 3000. They are religious, historical, philosophical, medical, didactic papers as well as the medieval romance and poems. Wonderful samples of oriental miniature and calligraphy are presented here.
The famous Iranian artists such as photographer Antoine Khan Sevrugini (1851-1933) and his son, painter Andre (Dervish) Sevrugian (1896-1997) art works also are presented here.
Address: 53 Mashtots street, Yerevan
Telephone: /010/ 56 25 78
Official website:
Charents Museum of Literature and Arts
Working days: Tuesday-Saturday
Working hours: 11։00-17։00
Sunday: 11։00-16։00
The “Middle East Art” exhibition includes Iranian, Armenian, European, American spiritual and material culture values from 4th millennium BC up to our times.
Address: 1 Aram Street, Yerevan
Telephone: /010/ 54 34 63
Official website:
Yerevan History Museum
Working days: Monday – Saturday
Working hours: 11:00-17:00
Exhibition samples of Iran culture and East countries are part of the collection of the Yerevan history museum. Samples of carpets, textile, apparel, various copper objects used in everyday life, miniatures, paintings taken from the Iranian collection of Yerevan history museum, as well as art works with Iranian themes of Armenian and Russian painters, will be exhibited there.
Address: 1 Argishti street, Yerevan
Telephone:/010/ 56 81 85
Offical website:
“Yerevan City Tour” excursion program will be held on March 20-29, 2017, organized especially for Iranian tourists, which will offer an opportunity to become acquainted to history, culture, architecture and cultural heritage of Armenia.
• The start and end of the route - the France Square
• The route is equipped with multi-language audio-tour system (Armenian, English, Persian, Russian, French and German)
• The bus is also available for people with limited abilities (disabled)
• Free wi-fi is available in buses
• Tickets can be purchased in tourist buses
Working hours:
• 11:00-13:00
• 15:00-17:00
• 18:00-20:00
For further information:
Address: 1 Argishti street, Yerevan
Telephone: /011/ 514-230
Music Drive Festival 24 Mar, 2017
Music Drive Festival

Music Drive Festival is a three day international festival, which is being organized in Armenia for the first time and will be held annually.

The festival is initiated and organized by the Ministry of Culture in Armenia and the Armenian Rock Association. Partners of the festival are “National Theatre Art Association” and “Zhesht Events”.

The festival will take place in Yerevan on March 24 , 25, 26 with an original line-up of more than 20 international and Armenian famous and emerging bands performing in different genres (rock, fusion, ethno/folk-rock, world music, prog rock, alternative rock, etc.).

The main venue for the festival is the Natioanl Academic Theatre after G. Sundukyan. The festival program also includes a number of club gigs throughout Yerevan and open-air concerts in English Park, which is adjacent to the theater. Along with the concerts, workshops and talks will be organized among the remarkable musicians and the festival visitors.

Learn more on Music Drive Festival website

Memory Day of Victims of Genocide 24 Apr, 2017
Memory Day of Victims of Genocide

April 24th is the most somber memorial day for the Armenian nation. On this day, in 1915, mass arrests of Armenian intellectuals and businessmen began in Istanbul. Over 800 people became innocent victims of the nationalist policies of the Turkish government on this day, which marked the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. Over one and a half million Armenians were murdered, or led to starvation in the mass deportations that occurred throughout Turkey.

Over a hundred years have passed since then, but the Armenian people still feel the pain of this great misfortune. Every year, thousands of Armenians and foreign sympathizers gather in Yerevan and lay flowers at the eternal flame of the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial, a symbol dedicated to the victims of the tragedy and the rebirth of the nation.

Armenian Cognac Festival 07 May, 2017
Armenian Cognac Festival

The first annual congnac festival is to be held in Tsakhkadzor, 07.05.2017. It is a one-day celebration, the moment of which will be remembered for a long time. It is going to be a one unforgettable day in a pleasant company, with opportunity to tear yourself away from the city bustle and tirelessly enjoy the delicate flavors of a noble drink.

Throughout the whole area of the Tsakhkadzor’s Central Square there are going to be located number of booths.

The program of the festival

12:00 - 19:00 

Throughout the whole area of the main square there are tents and pavilions, where the brands of Armenian cognac are represented. For connoisseurs and fans of cognac, the leading cognac producers will present their ordinary, vintage, and also collectible cognacs.

Tsakhkadzor is a popular place for both winter and summer holidays. The ecologically clean region is known for its enchanting nature, mountain air and picturesque landscape. The festival will provide you with an exclusive opportunity to discover the delights of Armenia in the fragrance of old cognac!

The festival town is divided into certain zones and is full of colours and surprises. On a separate platform of the town, more than 30 brands of Armenian cognac will place their pavilions. You will have a chance to taste exclusive cognacs of unique blend, and the Armenian chocolate and dried fruits will provide a worthy company to the noble drink.

Incredibly delicious Armenian chocolate, Armenian dried fruits and cigars. All these suit the culprit of the celebration: His Majesty Cognac.

  • The pavilions with Armenian sweets: dried fruits from sunny and ripe flavours, ghata, baklava, variety of chocolate, jam, as well as coffee and tea from various medicinal herbs, etc .;
  • National cuisine: tents and pavilions, where all the abundance of dishes of Armenian national cuisine is presented;
  • Craft shops: where you can purchase the souvenirs and works of art of Armenian artists, craftsmen, jewellers, seamstresses and potters that you liked;
  • A Photo session in national costumes (Taraz);


Festive concert:

On a special stage, the best music bands and artists will play and sing for you all day long. The masters’ shops will be open all day, where handmade souvenirs that store the warmth of the craftsmen’s hands will be presented. The musical program of the festival will be more than full: on the stage, there is going to be a live performances of the best musical groups and pop singers.

In the evening, on the main square of the city, incendiary music hits will whirl you in a dance rhythm- in time with the sound of cognac glasses.

At the end of the festival day there is going to take place a festive firework.

The culture of winemaking in Armenia has more than one millennium, and the famous Armenian brandy was born in the end of the XIX century. The merchant and philanthropist Nerses Tayrian, who first introduced the classical French technology of alcohol frying at his factory, laid the beginning of the Armenian cognac production in 1887 in Yerevan. He got his inspiration by his cousin, Vasily Tairov: an experienced winemaker and scientist, he like no one else could appreciate the generous gift of nature – the unique conditions of the Ararat valley and the high quality of the local grapes.

Dolma Festival 20 May, 2017
Dolma Festival

20 May marks the celebration of one of the most delicious intangible cultural assets of Armenia: Dolma. A traditional Armenian dish made of ground beef, lamb and spices, wrapped in grape leaves; dolma is served in ceramic dishes with sides of rice and greens. It is queen, amongst the many gastronomical delights of the Armenian people.

Tastes vary due to individual variations on the recipes, and a jury will decide who makes the best dolma out of twenty pavilions of chefs from leading restaurants in Armenia, seasoned housewives from around the country and representatives of the Greek and Ukrainian communities.

Besides tasting delectable Armenian cuisine, visitors can also participate in the festivities surrounding the Armenian culture, including old folk song performances and traditional national dances.

Victory Day 09 May, 2017
Victory Day

Every year the Armenian people celebrate their part in the victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II), with a big military parade at Yerevan’s Victory Park.

Many Armenian men took part in the Soviet front against Fascism, and this victory is remembered with pride. The President lays flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in Victory Park, and a nearby military tent hosts a dinner for the veterans of the war and high-ranking Armenian officials.

Sheep Shearing Festival 06 Jun, 2017
Sheep Shearing Festival

To contribute to the development of public, economic, cultural and civil activities of the Tatev region in Syunik, a sheep shearing festival is held near the renovated, historical Tatev Monastery. An art that has long been forgotten in Europe, Armenians take pride in their ability to shear a sheep’s wool by hand.

Visitors to this festival can also enjoy traditional Armenian cuisine and wines, dance to the live performances of folk music and even receive dance lessons!

Bread In The Mountains 13 Jun, 2017
Bread In The Mountains

“Hats” (bread in Armenian) not only means bread, but also the meal in general. This dates back thousands of years when bread became one of the staples of the Armenian diet – bread and wine. There are many varieties of local breads, including lavash, an unleavened bread that can last for years if dried properly, which recently received UNESCO Cultural Heritage status.

Besides tasting Armenian breads and other traditional cuisine, there will be live music and entertainment for all ages.