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Dolma Festival

Food and Drink

May 16th marks the celebration of one of the most delicious intangible cultural assets of Armenia: Dolma. A traditional Armenian dish made of ground beef, lamb and spices, wrapped in grape leaves; dolma is served in ceramic dishes with sides of rice and greens. It is queen, amongst the many gastronomical delights of the Armenian people.

Tastes vary due to individual variations on the recipes, and a jury will decide who makes the best dolma out of twenty pavilions of chefs from leading restaurants in Armenia, seasoned housewives from around the country and representatives of the Greek and Ukrainian communities.

The venue was not selected by chance, as the first Armenian national dolma was prepared in Sardarapat nearly 3,000 years ago.

Besides tasting delectable Armenian cuisine, visitors can also participate in the festivities surrounding the Armenian culture, including old folk song performances and traditional national dances.


Sardarapat, Armavir Region, Armenia


16 May, 2017