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Armenia is a great destination for those who are traveling while on a budget. You will find most things to be quite affordable, from food, accommodations, getting around and activities.

Traveling to Armenia suits every budget. Whether you prefer top-rated hotels, where presidents and famous artists have spent a night, or simple hostels, where every guest is treated by a special mood of hospitality, you will find your own legend in Armenia. You can certainly catch a good deal on top-rated hotels or find a budget friendly hostels. Other options include bead and breakfasts, renting a room, or finding a homestay in the villages. If you're up for the adventure and the weather is warm, you can also go camping!

Food is great and cheap. Most local foods are for about a dollar or two. In some of the tourist areas and in Yerevan the prices rise in the center, but if you leave the main area and head away on side roads you can find a lot of cheap food. Depending on the time of the year that you arrive in Armenia some foods will be a lot cheaper than others, just look through the marketplace and you will find a lot of great deals.

​Transportation in Armenia is quite accessible. Buses, minivans and metro are available in the capital city. Inside Yerevan you’re not going to have too many difficult getting around but in the countryside you will lose most of your best options. Don’t worry! Joining the locals is fun! There is one other option. Hitchhiking. Hitchhiking works, getting a ride in Armenia is easy. Normally people will pick you up in pickup trucks or cars and give you a ride. Sometimes they will even invite you home to stay with their family.