Areni Wine Festival

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Hey, wine lovers, here comes the greatest festival dedicated to Armenian wine making, taking place in Areni, Vayots Dzor region.

​Areni Wine Festival

​It is no secret that Armenians have been making wine for over 6,000 years. This astonishing number is backed from meticulous excavations in Areni Cave by Armenian-American and Irish archaeologists back in 2007. These findings gave a new catalyst for the Armenian wine producers to ameliorate their wine making practices and educate the society on the noble tradition of wine drinking. The huge interest towards Armenian wine has given birth to amazing festivals such as YereWine Days (usually celebrated in May) and Areni Wine Festival (celebrated in October).

Why Areni?

Areni Wine Festival is the major wine festival of Armenia. It was first organized in 2009, thus, this year the festival will be celebrating its 10 years’ anniversary. The peculiarity of the festival is that it takes place immediately next to the famous Areni Cave, which is considered to be the very first cradle of wine. In fact, Areni Cave is the oldest winery cave ever discovered in the world. Imagine, how much will you enjoy attending a wine festival near the world’s oldest winery. This is surely going to be a remarkable experience and a day to remember!

What will Areni Wine Festival be all about?

As it is Armenia’s greatest wine festival, it goes without saying that you will be drinking a lot of wine. Actually, you will have a sheer opportunity to try the most popular Armenian wines that are quite successful in the local and European market. You just cannot miss this chance to taste wines of the country that is factually the pioneer of wine making.

The opening ceremony of Areni Wine Festival begins with a colorful and remarkable parade of winemakers, followed by different competitions, songs and dances. The pavilions that will be on display will showcase not only wine but also Armenian handmade arts and crafts, locally produced products and goods, and of course some fine aperitifs to taste with wine.

How to participate?

There is no ticket for entrance, but if you want to taste unlimited number of wines, you can purchase a ticket costing around $5 and try over 100 types of wine from 30 producers. The ticket of AMD 2,500 includes a wine glass in a special bag, coupons, which provide an opportunity to taste unlimited number of wines of all wine producers.

These tickets can be purchased on the spot, from physical counters at the festival or in advance. For more information, you can contact with the organizers by writing to Areni Wine Festival Foundation's Facebook page.