Gata Festival

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Taste the world's largest gata, listen to traditional songs, join the folk dances and visit an exhibition of craft and art, handmade works.

30 Sep

The Gata Festival is a one day affair, celebrating the traditional Armenian dessert Gata. The Gata Festival will be held in Khachik village of Vayots Dzor province on September 30th. Participants will present traditional dishes from national cuisine. That day you will have the chance to taste the world's largest gata. The event is packed with songs and folk dances and an exhibition of craft and art, handmade works.

​Gata is a pastry or sweet bread. There are many variations of gata, and every town or a region has their own version. Gata can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and may be decorated or left unadorned. One popular variety is gata with khoris, a filling that consists of flour, butter and sugar. Gata can have other fillings such as nuts, most commonly walnuts.

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