Armenia travel

Nature and Wildlife

The wide range of natural beauty in this tiny country is astounding. From high mountainous landscapes to white-water river canyons, deep dark forests to expanses of fertile plains, the rugged and widely unspoiled landscapes of each region of Armenia offer a unique experience to nature-lovers, hikers, and anyone with a desire to explore.

The wide range and complexity of flora and fauna in Armenia is truly astounding. This tiny country contains most of the world’s ecological zones, half of the flora found in all of Europe and two thirds of its birds. The country is a flower-lover’s haven, with over 3,500 species thriving on its mountainsides! Almost 350 species of birds migrate through Armenia en route to Europe and Africa, several of which are rare or endangered.

Hikes throughout the countryside offer rare views of bears stumbling out of winter hibernation, colonies of Armenian gulls soaring over Lake Sevan, spotted eagles diving to catch rodents and packs of wolves traversing hundreds of kilometers in search for their dinner. The country is also home to the rare Caucasian leopard, mountain goat, and ram.