Popular Travel Vlogger Nas Daily is in Armenia


Nas Daily takes his daily travel vlogs to Armenia and you can become part of them too.

​With over 7.1 million followers on Facebook and millions of fans all around the world, Nas Daily is one of the top vloggers in the industry. With the help of the Tourism Committee of Armenia and General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA) and by the initiative of Repat Armenia, Nas has arrived to Armenia to document his experience and to meet his fans.

Throughout his travels, Nas focuses on documenting “people’s stories” through short videos that resonate with many people from different countries.From the Philippines to Madagascar to his own home in Israel, Nas has taken his audience all around the globe along with him. On July 15, the young vlogger landed in Armenia, marking the beginning of his new adventures.

One day, tired of his routine and his desktop job, Nas decided to save up money and spend the following 1,000 days of his life on traveling all around the world. After quitting his job, buying a camera and a plane ticket, Nuseir Yassin (Nas) took on a personal challenge to make 1 minute videos on each day of his travels.

Right before arriving to Armenia, Nas Daily announced on Facebook that he’s planning to meet his local fans. The meet-up is set for July 16 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Nas along with his team will meet his fans on top of the Cascade stairs also known as the outdoor part of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts.

In his post Nas talked about how he’s excited to experience Armenia for the first time and really hopes to show his audience the beauty of the country and its people. With countless architectural and natural wonders, Nas Daily will have his hands full of quality material about his adventures in Armenia. Whether you plan to become part of Nas Daily’s vlogs in Armenia or simply experience the country through his lens, the upcoming week promises to be rather exciting.