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Hidden corners, ravenous cities and a secret – entrusted only to the gorge.

There are Places in Armenia that Capture your Imagination

Magnificent Sevan – the largest lake in the Caucasus. Mandelstam called the lake "Gold value of cognac in the secret ambry of the mountainous sun." He lived in Sevan for a month, observing how "every day at five o'clock the lake, full of trout, boiled, as if a large pinch of soda had been thrown in it, and studying two to three dozens of tombs."

Tucked away high in the mountains of Tavush is the marvelous Lastiver cave. During the Middle Ages, caravan robbers particularly took a liking to Lastiver. Today, it is a favourite destination for tourists. The path to the cave is flanked by several quaint treehouses and goes past the picturesque waterfall - the legendary “Ottoman of Seven Cyclops", under the Celtic cross khachkar and past the church hidden in the tall grass.

When visiting the "ravenous" town of Shushi in Artsakh, make sure you reach the canyon of Djdrduz. For what can be more chilling than dangling your feet on the edge of the abyss, watching the eagles fly and hearing the secret echo of ghosts - Persian warriors, whose tents were swept into the chasm by the raging wind. Their whispers accompanied by the melody of the duduk connect the past together with the present and create an experience of time travel unlike any other. 

In Armenia you should, by all means, visit the symphony of stones in the valley of Garni, the terracotta cliffs of Vayots Dzor, the cave town of Old Goris and the meteors of Khndzoresk. Plunge into the "hair of the mermaid" - the waterfall in Jermuk, climb to Lake Kari -  stone lake atop Mount Aragats, dive under the famous Umbrellas – the waterfall of Mamrot Kar with overgrown moss, located in the gorge of Unot in Artsakh, and snap a photo of a trout by the Trchkan waterfall. They swim upstream for spawning, and can jump of 23 meters in one swing. Witness their flight and marvel at the sacred Skhtorashen plane trees listed as one of the oldest trees of the planet.