Rafting in Armenia

If you are a fan of extreme sports, then you need to take a rafting tour in Armenia. Such a journey will not only give you a thrill, but also provide an opportunity to relax in the bosom of beautiful nature.

​Rafting in Armenia

Rafting is a relatively new, but already gaining popularity, type of extreme tourism in Armenia. The main rivers for rafting in Armenia are: Dzoraget (6 level of difficulty for rafting), Debed (4 level), and Tartar in Artsakh (3 level).


If you are professionally engaged in rafting, then rafting on the Dzoraget River, which is located near the city of Stepanavan (160 km from Yerevan), is suitable for you. The rafting begins at a distance of 2 km from this point. The river has the 6th, highest difficulty level for rafting and has a high density of obstacles. The route is 30 km long. The duration of a rafting tour can take from 4 to 7 days, depending on the season and the level of training of the group. The most suitable time for rafting is the month of May. At this time, the weather is favorable and the water level is high.
This area is rich in interesting sights (Lori Berd Fortress, Khnevank Monastery, etc.), so you will not have to get bored in your free time from rafting.


The Debed River with a 4th difficulty level has a length of 152 km. The most favorable time for rafting, in terms of weather and water level, is the period from June to October. Near the river there are several attractions, including the monasteries of Haghpat, Sanahin and others.


Tartar is the largest river in Artsakh with a length of 184 km. The best time for rafting on Tartar is spring, in particular May. If you value nature, then this direction will not leave you indifferent - the river is surrounded by dense forests typical of Artsakh.
Rafting tours in Armenia are carried out within the framework of the UN Development of Integrated Rural Tourism Program. Tour organizers will provide you with everything you need for rafting, as well as conduct detailed training.

Rafting in Armenia guarantees a huge amount of adrenaline and incredible adventures!​

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