See & Do

The Armenian landscape, defined by its mountains, and consisting of seven different climate zones, is the ultimate destination for those who are inspired and invigorated by the great outdoors.

Chasing Adventure

Adventure is the release of adrenaline, a chance to conquer and tame nature, and test your strength. In Armenia, lake Sevan braces its broad shores and welcomes all wind- and kitesurfing aficionados to rent a board and enjoy the day. If you are ready to convert to high-mountain diving or paragliding, this is the perfect place to be baptized. A flight in an air balloon over endless mountain ranges is guaranteed to be a thrill and will end with nothing less than champagne and an aeronaut certificate. 

For the Real Explorers

​The most enjoyed rock climbing walls (5a-7 difficulty grade) nestled in the “Valley of Sorrows” stand ready to challenge you. Keep going, and you will reach Noravank monastery. In the very same valley you can also discover Archeri – meaning bear cave, which is a special treat for speleologists.

​Heading north through the country, into the high mountains of Tavush, explorers are encouraged to visit the local extreme park and go on horse treks that span the mountains of Dilijan and Yenokavan – vistas that rival the Swiss Alps.

​Hiking and Cycling

​Armenia is undoubtedly an ideal place for hiking and cycling. Mount Aragats, Azhdahak and Spitakasar in Geghama mountain range, as well as Khustup mountain are the most interesting sites for trekking. The extremely diverse terrains all brought together in a limited space gives avid trekkers an overwhelming sensation. Trekkers can also avoid bring overloaded by too much luggage, travel light, and stay overnight at the houses of locals.​