Adventures in Armenia

Many Possibilities for Great Adventure Await You in Armenia.

The Armenian landscape, defined by its mountains, and consisting of seven different climate zones, is the ultimate destination for those who are inspired and invigorated by the great outdoors.


Chasing Adventure

Adventure is the release of adrenaline, a chance to conquer and tame nature, and test your strength. Armenia is perfect for those who seek unusual holidays instead of a typical beach vacation. While the country provides options for both, it’s in the hands of the travelers to decide whether they want adrenaline rushing experiences and exploration of breathtaking places or simply a relaxing vacation. 

If you’re ready to test your courage and capabilities there are many extreme activities you can try scattered throughout the country. If you’re interested in more spiritual experiences then once again you’ll be able to find many options specifically designed for you. Armenia is a country of opportunities and unforgettable experiences. It’s a country that has something for everyone. 

Waters of Armenia

The diverse landscapes of Armenia allow for the development of various extreme sports. This includes different types of water sports that not only promote healthy lifestyle to beginners, but are also a great getaway for extreme-sports enthusiasts. In Armenia, lake Sevan braces its broad shores and welcomes all wind - and kitesurfing aficionados to rent a board and enjoy the day. You don’t have to worry about your skills, whether you’re trying it out for the first time or you’ve experienced it many times before, you’ll enjoy the experience regardless. 

Taking Over the Skies

If you are ready to convert to high-mountain diving or paragliding, this is the perfect place to be baptized. A flight in an air balloon over endless mountain ranges is guaranteed to be a thrill and will end with nothing less than champagne and an aeronaut certificate. Explore Armenia right from the skies as you hover over the beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes. While the landscapes are impressive from any angle, it’s impossible to forget the scenery as seen on a thrilling hot-air balloon ride.

​For the Real Explorers

​The most enjoyed rock climbing walls (5a-7 difficulty grade) nestled in the “Valley of Sorrows” stand ready to challenge you. Keep going, and you will reach Noravank monastery. In the very same valley you can also discover Archeri – meaning bear cave, which is a special treat for speleologists.
​Heading north through the country, into the high mountains of Tavush, explorers are encouraged to visit the local extreme park and go on horse treks that span the mountains of Dilijan and Yenokavan – vistas that rival the Swiss Alps.

​Hiking and Cycling

​Armenia is undoubtedly an ideal place for hiking and cycling. Mount Aragats, Azhdahak and Spitakasar in Geghama mountain range, as well as Khustup mountain are the most interesting sites for trekking. Some people prefer to take their own unexplored routes and discover something new for themselves which can’t possibly be shared with simple words. The extremely diverse terrains all brought together in a limited space gives avid trekkers an overwhelming sensation. Trekkers can also avoid bring overloaded by too much luggage, travel light, and stay overnight at the houses of locals.​


Armaghan mountain MTB

Mountain biking trail description: The mountain biking trail of Armaghan is located in Gegharkunik province. The trail starts from Martuni town to Lernahovit village on M10 freeway, then the way continuous towards the village of Madina till the end, continue driving along the highway towards Mount Armaghan direction. The road to Armaghan is immensely beautiful and full of expectations when reaching the lake and St. Harutyun church on the summit. There are ridges on the mountain where the bike ride is impossible because of sloping. Near the summit of Armaghan Mountain, the winding road becomes a sandstone and a little harder to drive. The rugged peak, the church, the breeze, the lingering lake, will "recharge" and provide with infinite purity, peace and harmony which along with intertwined nature will enhance the drive of mountain biking route landing. Safety and Security Ucom and MTS Armenia telecoms are accessible all the time. In emergency cases call 911 or 112. Beware of the leashed-off dogs guiding the sheep. Technical description Best period: from June till October. Biking trail length: 17.152 km Ride duration: 5 hours 41 min. Altitude from see level: 2200 -2850-2200 m. The 95% of the road is grinding land and asphalt. Take a bottle of water with you. How to reach the destination To cross the above described mountain biking route it is necessary to reach Gyumri, Madina is in Gegharkunik The most convenient way is to travel by taxi. Taxis are affordable in Armenia. Please use the taxis that have counters.

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Trekking from Geghard to Tsakhashen

Geghard - Geghardarik - Mount Azhdahak - 3597 m - Aknalich-Tsaghkashen Village Trekking trail description: The presented trekking trail lasts several days, 4 days and 3 nights. The trekking starts from Geghard village in Kotayk province, 1930-meter altitude from sea level. Before starting the trekking, it is worthy to visit Geghard Monastery, listen to Armenian spiritual music spreading from the upper acoustic hall, that can be a great start of the trip. Day 1: From the village of Geghard, the road goes up to Geghardarch or Vishapalich. There are old drum stones called “vishapakar” in the lake area. Swimming in the lake is dangerous. (overnight stay in the tent). Day 2: On the second day, the trekkers will climb the valley of Mount Azhdahak (overnight stay in the tent). Next morning the peak of Mount Azhdahak, 3795 meters of altitude from sea level, is the next destination. Only after third day the trail starts to go down to Lake Akna. On the 4th day, in the morning, the trekking continues to Geghama Mountains, to Tsaghkashen village of Gegharkunik province. Safety and Security: The telecom connections are available on this trail. During the rainy days it is not advisable to be on the mountains without lightening. In emergency cases call 911 or 112. Beware of leashed-off dogs in the villages. Technical description Best period: from June 20 to September 10. Trekking trail length: 51 Kilometers. Walk duration: three nights, four days. Altitude from sea level: 1930-3597-2000 meters. Take a bottle of water with you. How to get to the destination In order to cross the above mentioned trail, it is necessary to leave Yerevan by taxi to Geghard village. The return is from Tsaghkashen village. Please use the taxis with counters. Taxis throughout Armenia are quite affordable.

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From Ltsen to Tatev monastery

From Ltsen to Tatev monastery Trekking trail description: The trekking starts from Ltsen Village of Syunik province. It passes through the picturesque reservoir of Shamb. The road to Liege is picturesque with sloppy roads and outlines of mountains following each other. From Sisian to Ltsen can be reached by taxi because public transport does not operate. The trail is indicated in the middle of the village. The road is challenging. Getting out of the village most of the trails goes through forests. Usually, these trails are more for an enthusiastic climbers and the walk is becoming more spectacular. Also, it is possible to visit several outstanding sights on the way: Zorats Karer (Sisian), Shaki Waterfall (Sisian), Old Khndzoresk Caves (Khndzoresk Village), Swing Bridge (Khndzoresk Village), Tatevs Ropeway and Devil's Bridge (Halidzor and Tatev villages). Safety and security From Ltsen to Tatev Ucom and MTS Armenia telecom connections are always available. In emergency cases call 911 or 112. Beware of leashed-off dogs guarding the sheep. Technical description Best period: from May to October. Trekking trail length: 16.64 km. Walk Duration: 6 hours, 31 minutes. Altitude from sea level 1534-1507meters. Trail visibility: 100%. Take a bottle of water with you. How to get to the destination To get to the above-mentioned trekking trail, the hikers have to reach to Ltsen village of Syunik province. Taxis throughout Armenia are quite affordable. Please use the taxis with counters.

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