Travel to the country of unforgettable memories

Don't lose the opportunity to explore the Russian trace in Armenia


​People visit  Armenia from all over the world to see the ancient ruins, explore the profoundness of history, feel the origin of civilization, enjoy the sun, fragrant fruit, delicious cuisine, brandy, wine and to socialize with hospitable people.

Armenia! Modern country of thousands years, uniting the East and the West, presenting miraculous views of double-peak Mount Ararat, embracing oases of wildlife and protected areas, temples - lost in emerald forests, and boutique hotels, cyclopean fortresses, mountainous summits and everlasting sierras. This is a country of steep mountains routes, off-road driving on the edge of chasms and exciting trips on jeep to the most isolated villages.

Armenia! Country of enjoyment and recreation in mountainous resorts, as well as relaxation in the spa centers of the capital, where the big-city life is full of  various shops, business-centers and entertainments. 

Armenia! Country of delicious stopover in authentic restaurants and peasant houses, eco-food, abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, rich cuisine, thin lavash and aromatic coffee. This is a land of world leading wines produced from Areni-Noir, local grape specie planted by Noah after the Flood. Here people can walk in wine-streets of the capital, cozy wineries and visit Areni -1 cave, the world's oldest “winery” of 6100 years old.

Armenia! Country of boutiques of fashion designers, fine jewelers, talented artists and artisans, where is possible to meet with interesting people, lough at colorful humor of the locals and delight in the warm attitude towards the guest. This is a place of unforgettable impressions and turbulent emotions.
Armenia! Destination affording Russians to combine a psychologically comfortable holiday by introducing to the rich Russian heritage on the Armenian land.