From Norashen village to the mountains of Eranos Mountain biking trail description The mountain biking trail starts from Norashen village, Ararat province. On the way, in the gorge, a two-kilometer part of the trail is missing. Ararat region is famous for mountainous climate. People are mainly engaged in gardening. The biking trail is unique because it always goes through two-sided Rocky Mountains. The dry, semi-desert climate, the sun-warming mountains and pastures of the sun reminded the scenes of the film at once. Sometimes there are even small rivers that save the uninterrupted "work" of nature. Safety and security Ucom and MTS telecom connections function with interruptions. In emergency cases call 911 or 112. Beware of leashed-off dogs guarding the sheep. Technical parameters Best period: from May to October Biking trail length: 32.3 km Ride duration: 7 hours 23 min Altitude from sea level: 900-1780mis 95% of the road is land griding, 5% asphalt Take a bottle of water with you How to get to the destination To get to the above mentioned mountain biking trail, bikers must reach Norashen village in Ararat Province. It is comfortable to travel by taxi that are quite affordable in all over Armenia. Please use the taxis with counters.
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