Artsakh Wine Festival

September forecast in Artsakh – 100% chance of wine! Togh village in Artsakh awaits you to enjoy one of the greatest wine events of the year.

​It is not a coincidence that wine events have become an inseparable part of Armenian lifestyle. It is because winemaking and wine drinking have been the Armenian way of life since Noah planted a grape tree at the foot of Ararat after the great flood. In fact, Armenian wines are so famous and considered to be genuine because many varieties of grape are indigenous to the Armenian soil. Three major wine events, Yerevan Wine Days, Areni Wine Festival, and Artsakh Wine Festival come to highlight the eminent role of wine in the Armenian culture and gastronomy, as well as create another venue for everyone to enjoy the exquisite taste of Armenian wine.

Every year in autumn Armenian winemakers, local and international wine critics and wine lovers gather together in Artsakh to share their expertise and advice pertaining to wine. It is already the 5th year in a row that Artsakh Wine Festival is successfully organized, bringing the attention of the wine lovers’ community to one of Artsakh’s beautiful villages, Togh. The festival is particularly attractive because it takes place at a historically significant place, within the territory of the palace of 16th century prince Yeghan. You may already imagine yourself gracefully sipping wine at one of the most valuable archaeological sites of Armenia.

The festival is held in September, giving everyone a chance to enjoy autumn in Artsakh. The opening ceremony starts when the organizers and famous guests greet everyone and present a brief insight on winemaking of Togh village, as well as some wine drinking tips. After the festival is officially inaugurated, grape blessing ritual is performed by a priest. After that, girls and women get into large baskets full of grape and start mashing it, like in old times.

After all these activities, the participants can approach winemakers and wine critics, talk to them about wine, get an insight on local and international practices of winemaking. Then a concert starts and it raises everyone’s spirit up. The festival is going to last until late evening.

In addition to being an interesting platform of interaction for the wine lovers’ community,  the festival serves as a venue for everyone to taste and buy agricultural produce of Artsakh, admire arts and crafts exhibitions, take part in amusing local customs and traditions. 

The festival is open to everyone and does not require an entrance ticket. In case some visitors would like to explore more, additional services are available with an established price, such as  “History and Winemaking” tour, winemaking Master Classes with the famous winemakers, as well as an organized tour from Yerevan to the venue of the festival, Togh Village in Artsakh. For a complete information, visit Artsakh Wine Festival’s FB page.

Waiting for you to come and get wined up in Artsakh!

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