Yerevan Taraz Festival 2018

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Armenian traditional clothing will take over the streets once again in August, during Taraz Festival 2018.

​Each year, the streets of Armenia explode in vivid colors and astounding patterns in the celebration of ancient Armenian customs and traditions. On August 4, Yerevan will once again gather people from all over the world for a one of a kind fashion event. Taraz Festival will take you thousand years back through different regions of Armenia, all with the help of national pieces of clothing.

Taraz is the traditional Armenian clothing that has had a prominent role in the building of the national and cultural identity of Armenians all around the world. Colorful patterns and trims of various materials are essential part of Armenian garments, yet it’s very hard to narrow it down to just one look as the taraz of each region completely differs from the rest. 

Armenian national clothing has always held a great aesthetic value, yet originally it was adopted to the climatic conditions throughout the country. This played a big part in the diversity of national garments in Armenia. Another reason is the division between different classes and families, each bringing forward their own unique touches.
Taraz Festival 2018 will be held in North Avenue in downtown Yerevan. Participants of the event will have the opportunity to try the traditional Armenian clothing on themselves. Throughout the festival many designers will present their pieces to the public, yet the event won’t only be limited to the fashion show. Yerevan History Museumand Megerian Carpet Museum will present their own exhibits during Taraz Festival.  

The event will contribute to the preservation of national and cultural values, as well as increase public awareness about Armenian culture and history. Don’t miss your chance to try on traditional Armenian clothing, accessories and other handmade pieces and have a life changing cultural experience.

Photo Credits:Panarmenian