Winter in Armenia


​​Armenia is a winter wonderland! Many regions of Armenia are covered with white fluffy snow, the cities are veiled in festive decorations, and the feeling of warmth, joy, and hospitality set the tone for the coming holidays.

​​​​Winter in Armenia is Breathtaking! 

Winter usually begins around late November in Armenia. In the Armenian capital, Yerevan, the average daily temperature in December ranges from +5 to -5 C. Sometimes it snows, and although the snow does not stay long, the city becomes a real winter wonderland. Many regions of Armenia are covered with white fluffy snow, the cities are all veiled in festive decorations, and the feeling of warmth, joy, and hospitality sets the tone for locals and tourists alike. While there are many historical and cultural sites to see in Armenia, Tatev, Noravank, Haghpat, Geghard – offer especially exceptional scenery during the winter, snow-laden months. Armenians have also perfected the joy of the autumn harvest throughout the winter months in the form of homemade jams, compotes and sun-dried preserves.

Khash, the Armenian Winter Soup

A specialty of winter cuisine in Armenia is the Armenian Khash or “The Armenian Winter Soup.”  It is one of the tastiest Armenian national dishes not to be missed. If you want to eat a special, tasty and interesting breakfast soup, you should definitely try the Armenian khash. This soup not only has a special tradition of preparation, but also a unique ceremonial way of consumption.  The main “rule” is that khash is exclusively eaten during the cold season of the year, paired with vodka. Armenians eat it as a relaxing and warming dish enjoyed with family and friends. This is not just breakfast, rather, it becomes a celebration of life.

​Winter Sports

Winters in Armenia are perfect for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, and the white, blanketed landscape is ideal for the adventurous, who wish to challenge nature’s extremes. There is every opportunity to exercise your favorite winter sport since the slopes do not crust and the undisturbed snow supports the boards perfectly. Drive through snowy roads, master snow scooters, stay at a skiing resort and dive into an ice-hole in Sevan.

Skiing and Snowboarding in Tsaghkadzor 

The beautiful ski resort of Tsakhkadzor is located in the Kotayk Province and is approximately 55km from the capital, Yerevan. Skiers and snowboarders are offered 27km of slopes at 1,966m and 2,819m elevations to enjoy and frolic.  Guests are transported via 6 lifts.  Tsaghkadzor is a year-round mountain resort. The word “Tsaghkadzor” means “a gorge of flowers,” well named, as the town is surrounded by mountains covered with forests and flowers, located at 1,845m above sea level. Tsaghkadzor offers skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports with the perfect mix of cold weather and warm, friendly people, awaiting you with open arms.

The ski resort at Jermuk is located in the Vayots Dzor Province. Ideal for skiing and snowboarding, it offers 3 km of slopes and 1 lift to transport the guests at elevations of 2,100m and 2,438m.

Mountain Climbing

Hiking and mountain climbing season is available almost year-round. So, if you entertain the idea of challenging yourself on a summit of a mountain, consider lower peaks (up to 3,000 meters high) of Armenian mountains, for instance, Mount Ara and Mount Hatis.

Zip Lining

Open in winter months as well, the zip-lining in Yenokavan is the first in the region! Admire the breathtaking view of Armenian mountains and get your dose of adrenaline rush.