Golden Apricot

The Annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival features a multitude of films representing various nations, ethnicities and religions, collectively depicting the full richness of the human experience.

09 Jul

​Since its establishment the festival has attracted attention from all over the world and has seen incredible growth. Almost 150 submissions from 20 countries in the first year, escalated to 1,250 submissions  from 70 countries in the second year, 90 of which were chosen for the 4 main competition categories. These are Feature, Documentary, “Apricot Stone” (short film category), and Armenian Panorama. For the past several years, the festival has provided a perfect opportunity not only for cultural exchange of expertise, but also for partnership and cooperation between filmmakers of Armenia and the world.

This year out of 1,100 film submissions from 96 countries 47 films will be vying in the three main competition sections: International Feature Competition (12 films), International Documentary Competition (16 films) and Armenian Panorama National Competition (19 films).