Armenia - one of the safest countries to travel in 2018


Are you traveling alone or with your family? Then you might want to consider to travel to Armenia, one of the safest countries on Earth according to the U.S State Department system. Along with beautiful landscapes and historical sites, Armenia offers full sense security for any visitor.

​So what makes Armenia so safe?

Freedom and Equality

In Armenia people are equal, no matter what their sex or belief is! While Christianity is considered to be a national religion in Armenia, on both legislative and societal levels, people are free to practice other religions throughout the country. Other than numerous churches, you’ll be able to find a mosque, a synagogue and even the world’s largest Yazidi temple in Armenia. You’ll have no need to worry about the safety of practicing your religious beliefs while in the country.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the same ideas of equality apply to anyone. In Armenia you have the right to dress as  fits you with no fear for your safety or comfort. The environment in Armenia is so tolerant and accepting that you’ll find yourself wishing to stay a little longer.

Low Crime Level

Armenia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world for solo travelers as well as for families. Low crime level and the hospitality of the locals allow tourists to enjoy their time here without any fear for their safety.
The streets are always full of families, couples and  tourists no matter what the time is. If you wish to go for a walk during late hours and find yourself hesitating, just don’t - the nightlife in Yerevan is really active and entertaining. Most of Armenians and foreign guests  prefer to go out once the sun is down, especially during summer months. Thus, cafes and parks are filled with people wishing to try out the delicious Armenian cuisine or simply have a nice talk with their friends over a cup of coffee.

Let us remind you that Armenia is  listed among the safest countries for Americans to travel to by the U.S State Department system. The system is divided into 4 levels, out of which the 4th stands for “do not travel.” Armenia is labeled as a level 1 country which stands for “exercise normal precautions,” while the neighboring countries received only level 2 or 3.

Angelic Police Officers

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In  case of an unforeseen accident or a concerning event, you’ll be able to find small groups of policeman patrolling the streets at all times. As you’ll notice from their angelic uniforms, these are not simple policemen -dressed in light blue uniforms with small first-aid kits attached to their belts, the streets of Armenia are guarded by the police force known to the public as Angel Squad. The primary mission of the Angel Squad is to maintain order in public places and at mass events, creating a new image of a policeman in society.

A more actual and vivid example of how safe it is in Armenia is the recent “velvet revolution”. During the revolution both leaders and protesters have stayed loyal to the peaceful spirit of the “velvet revolution”, inspired by the case of Czechoslovakia in 1989 when the country freed itself from the one-party government, ruled by the Communist Party, through peaceful protests. What is remarkable and has caught the world’s attention is that there has been no drop of bloodshed in the country.

Sincere desire to help each other

Armenians stand out in the world with their sincere desire to help each other, tourists in particular. Tourists and foreigners are rarely targeted and the locals are more driven to make your experience fun and memorable. If you find yourself with no place to stay overnight in the rural areas, you can always ask for help from the locals and they will accept you in their house and even feed you with authentic Armenian dishes.
So if you’re looking for peace and safety, Armenia is the place to go!