Armenia Today


Armenia, the Country of Unforgettable Memories and Experiences, as it is Today.

Armenia as it is Today

​​Armenia is an open air museum, where you can walk through time and experience living history. It is a land of enchantment, with untouched awe-inspiring nature, and seven climate zones, each offering a different topography. Each city is a museum in and of itself, with ancient relics, old and new architecture, churches dating back thousands of years, and heritage and culture that fuse the past with the present.

Where is Armenia and What to do There? 

​Armenia – a modern country connecting East to West with an ancient history spanning across thousands of years. ​It is a land rich with cultural heritage and traditions that have evolved to fit the modern age and are still celebrated today. 

​Armenia has an astounding array of landscapes within its borders, including seven geographic zones, from deserts and semi-deserts to alpine and subalpine meadows. Armenia can kick up your adrenaline with steep routes and off-road riding along its valleys. It can also be a place of relaxation with mountain resorts and therapeutic spas.

​Once in the capital, Armenia becomes your favourite refreshment with a splash of vibrant nightlife, live music, art, cafes and jazz clubs that jam until dawn. In the streets you will find works of the best artists of the modern world – from massive sculptures in parks to the brilliant creations of contemporary painters, ceramists and jewelers at flea markets.

​​Standing under arches and domes that inspired Leonardo da Vinci, church chants fill the air and echo a melody that calms the soul. The notes you hear being sung were also heard by Mesrop Mashtots, who in his inspiration created the Armenian alphabet.

Armenian Hospitality

Armenia is all about interesting people and racy local humor. It is a country of unforgettable experiences with hospitable people that will always have you coming back. Hospitality is inherent in the Armenian culture which is known throughout the world. You will find yourself constantly being invited to the homes of the locals and offered food and rides. The local people are very fond of seeing tourists and are willing to help anyone out at the best of their abilities. 

Armenian Food

​Whether in gourmet restaurants or authentic rural homes, Armenian hospitality and its rich cuisine and bountiful harvest will always welcome you to the table. Lavash freshly baked in a fiery tonir will fill your belly, while the coffee brewed on hot sand will fill your heart. Armenian food comes in huge portions, full of spices and fresh ingredients. 

Armenian Spirits

​​The country will also wrap you up in the vine of Areni Noir – a local grape variety first planted by Noah after the Biblical Flood. The spirit culture flows through Armenia from cozy wineries in Yerevan to the most ancient “wine factory” in a terroir cave of Vayots Dzor over 6100 years old. Let us not forget the cellars of the Cognac factory. Parting with its fragrant walls is more difficult than climbing Mount Ararat.