Armenian-French legend Charles Aznavour dies at the age of 94


French-Armenian chansonnier Charles Aznavour, who has been a true hero for Armenia, is dead at the age of 94.

Photo Credits: France24

​A hero to many Armenians - Charles Aznavour, the legendary star, dies on October 1, 2018, in the southeast of France, at his home. 

After more than 80 years of breathtaking career, the legend has left a rich legacy behind for his compatriots, but also for the whole humanity, making his heritage the “cultural ownership” of the whole world. Last year, in 2017, Hollywood Walk of Fame was added by another bright starlet, that of Charles Aznavour. 

His career can be defined by more than being successful, as he sold more than 180 million records and was featured in over 60 films. He recorded more than 1,200 songs in seven different languages and performed in 94 countries. His songs were about youth, love, life as an immigrant, art, and many of those little happiness moments that one’s life may be composed of.
Even after crossing the line of the age of 90, his concerts were always full of audiences. Tickets to almost all his concerts were always sold out days before the concerts. 

His legacy was particularly worthy for the Armenian nation as he always supported his motherland, Armenia, starting from the 1988 devastating earthquake in Gyumri when Aznavour was engaged priceless contributions to Armenia, and numerous charity works thereafter. 

He was awarded the highest honor of the Republic of Armenia, being named as a national hero. Aznavour was also Armenia’s ambassador to Switzerland, as well as Armenia's delegate to the United Nations in Geneva.

Rest in Peace, Legend! Your legacy will live forever in our hearts.