GO Local with My Armenia

Experience Armenia Like a Local

Armenia is home to the world’s oldest winery and Paleolithic sites, that attest to the complexity and duration of human existence through the ages. The long history of the region has shaped not only its physical form, through monasteries and other structures; but also, its culture, traditions and its people, who live and create in the communities and carry on the artistic legacy of our ancestors.

GO Local with My Armenia​

When we travel we are looking for authentic and memorable experiences, intellectual stimulation, learning something new, exploring, thinking and imagining. We want to make friends, and build interpersonal relationships in the country we visit. We want to master new skills and sometimes even challenge ourselves.
You can explore Armenia’s cultural heritage, explore your creative side through master classes with local artists and artisans, and a take your own masterpiece with you as a memory of your journey to Armenia, enjoy homemade authentic Armenian food, hike through natural and urban landscapes and discover what's unique about Armenia through experiences curated by My Armenia Program implemented by the Smithsonian Institution.

      • Make your own crafts and artwork with the artists and artisans, learning how masters are integrating traditional motifs into modern designs. And, by the way, you can always take your own artwork with you.
      • Learn how to prepare, and then enjoy, authentic Armenian food.
      • Hike through natural and urban landscapes, including ancient fortresses, historic and archeological sites and jaw-dropping natural scenery as well as learn new ways to experience Armenia’s iconic monasteries. 
      • Explore regional museums, where unique artifacts document thousands of years of Armenian history.  
      • Taste local wines and learn how a new generation of winemakers carry on Armenia’s 6000-year winemaking legacy.
      • And, most importantly, no one is a better storyteller than local guides, who were born and live in the regions you visit.

Let’s embark on an unforgettable journey with My Armenia to deepen our understanding of Armenia’s cultural heritage and to contribute to the sustainability of the regions through community-based tourism.

Find out more: https://myarmenia.si.edu/en/