Best Outdoor Wine Cafes

Yerevan is known all over the world for its excellent cuisine, wine, and urban landscapes. When combining all three, you get to experience the city at its best.

Best Outdoor Wine Cafes

​Not only is Armenia considered to be the cradle of humanity, but also the cradle of winemaking. Notably, the oldest wine cave in the world discovered in Armenia, is 6,100-years-old. This legacy has been the basis for today’s Armenian world-class wine. And the love toward wine is clearly seen from the streets of Yerevan, with lots of wine bars and cafes decorating Yerevan’s central streets.

It is difficult to decide which ones are the best, yet we tried to compile a list of cafes that locals and tourists visit most. In fact, all eight have both indoor and outdoor salons, but one can’t possibly miss the opportunity to have fine wine in the streets of Yerevan.

Wine Republic

Located at the very heart of Cascade, Wine Republic, one of the most brilliant cafes of Yerevan, is a paradise for wine lovers who cannot go without perfect food. Salads, pastas, seafood, burgers, as well as the Thai cuisine are impeccable.

Everything has a unique feel to it here, starting from the fine collection of wines to the design of menus and even the “reserved” signs. All this is made complete with the graceful and intricate details both inside and outside the café. Even though reserving a place in the outdoor part of the cafe is difficult, people can’t skip the opportunity to enjoy their dinner while surrounded by beautiful city landscapes. The season is no issue: wide umbrellas are there to protect visitors from sun rays on hot days, and heat lamps are there for cold days,– although the wine does a good job of warming up too. 

It also happens to be a place where you'll spot a celebrity or two, but you'll probably be too involved with your plate of handmade pasta to notice. Just make sure you call to reserve at least one day in advance as the cafe is way too popular to have a free table anytime near summer.

Aperitivo Yerevan

Straying away not too far from Cascade, let’s explore Aperitivo before exploring the “wine hub” of Yerevan, Saryan Street. Aperitivo is the place `where you will find yourself surrounded by vivid colors and ornaments alongside with tasty food and drinks. This is not a “wine only” café, but it offers a great deal of excellent wines. You’re ensured to enjoy your evening here with a bottle of great wine and a plate of something absolutely delicious.


We are now already on Saryan street, a home to numerous wine cafes of Yerevan. The oldest wine bar in Yerevan, the pioneer in the sector, is InVino. The cafe stands there for 6 years already, while the other similar ones are comparatively new. InVino is home to the finest wines, including the best representatives of the Armenian wine industry: Karas, Takaro and many others. With its round little tables and cozy wooden interior design, you will find yourself in a completely different space.


“Tapastan is a place where Armenian cuisine met Spanish tapas and got creative”. This is how Tapastan describes itself on their Facebook page, and it is, in fact, a reality. It’s one of the most unique and positive cafes of Yerevan with an extraordinary interior design and super friendly staff. Starting from a variety of cheese collections to unbelievably delicious meals, Tapastan has one of the best menus to go with a cup of wine. Their “wild” and non-traditional interior makes the evenings even more unforgettable.

Voskevaz Wine Time

If you want to get an idea of what old Yerevan would look like if it existed nowadays, you should definitely visit Voskevaz Wine Time. The historical and cultural significance is expressed even in the way the owner designed the interior of the café: by asking ordinary people for pieces of old furniture that they no longer need at home and renovating those, or rather, giving them a new breath before giving a new home. The staircase, the wooden doors, the balcony are all testimonials of the 19th century Yerevan. To that list you can also add elegant food and good wine, which are prerequisites for an enjoyable evening in Yerevan.

Enoteca EVN

Although the line continues down the Saryan Street, we hope that you can discover the rest on your own. For now we will explore the intersection of Abovyan and Sayat-Nova streets, to find Enoteca EVN, which is somehow different from the ones described above. The combination of occasional concerts and art exhibitions, along with the beautiful interior design make for a must-visit place for you and your friends. The coziness inside will help you to completely relax. In addition, this spot is much less crowded than the rest and will ensure a peace of mind combined with good wine and quality cheese assortments. Besides, there is an underground bar inside Enoteca, called Green Dragon that is a mix of a distillery, a bar, and a pub with occasional live music that is typical to Enoteca.

Mirzoyan Library

One of Yerevan’s most notable places is Mirzoyan Library. Even if you are not hungry or thirsty, you should visit the place at least as a graceful example of what Yerevan used to be. The wooden balconies, the “old-school” furniture and utensils, everything takes you back in time. Mirzoyan Library is not only a rare old Yerevan house, it serves excellent wine, interesting food, and is unique in the scope of its services: the library is also an art gallery, workshop space, nightclub, cafe and salon for exchanging ideas.

The café is impressive enough to have captured Smithsonian Mag’s attention and having appeared on Smithsonian’s website as a café that combines almost everything both a tourist or a local might look for.

Dalan/Abovyan 12

Last, but surely not least is the Dalan Art Gallery café. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yerevan due to its style, cuisine, gallery, and souvenir shop that will indulge you in Armenian culture from a single glance.

The café, along with its yard, was once an ordinary house, yet the owner transformed it into a unique spot that seems to still carry the spirit of the 19th century Yerevan to this day. The dinning part is located on the first floor and in the yard, while the second floor is partly café, and partly a gallery for temporary exhibitions. This is a place for art lovers to get together and enjoy fine dishes as well as wine. This artistic spirit can also be visible from the entrance which includes an Armenian souvenir shop full of all the possible colors and shapes.

The cuisine is particularly good and you can see the whole process of chefs working behind a bar desk. If you want to combine wine, tasty food, Armenian culture, and Yerevan lifestyle, Dalan is the place to be.