7 days in Armenia this winter

Welcoming 2020 in Armenia promises to be vivid and memorable. We have compiled a detailed guide on how and where you can spend holidays in Armenia this winter. Immerse yourself into an exciting festive atmosphere!

First 2 days in Yerevan

Start your vacation with a trip to the capital of Armenia - Yerevan. In 2019, Yerevan celebrated its 2801th anniversary and today it is one of the most ancient, yet modern and dynamic capitals in the world. During your two days in Yerevan, you can take part in colorful New Year's festivities, take a city tour to the main attractions and visit restaurants with traditional Armenian cuisine. Your stay in Yerevan this winter will definitely be special, since this year a New Year miracle is to take place here. For 16 days starting from December 21, when the lights of the main Christmas tree are lit, festive events will be held in the capital of Armenia. Well, let's get acquainted with the main events and locations:

    The Republic Square

    The Republic Square is the heart of Yerevan and one of the architectural masterpieces of Armenia. Built from the famous Armenian iconic pink tufa and ivory stone, Republic Square is the cultural and administrative center of Yerevan. The square is surrounded by the Historical Museum, the National Gallery of Armenia, the government building and Marriott, the international hotel chain. 

    Opera House

    Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Alexander Spendiaryan, composer, conductor and founder of the Armenian national symphonic music. There are regular performances of opera and ballet, as well as concerts and various award ceremonies. For example, in the second half of December 2019 the opera house program includes the opera “Anush”, the ballet “Chippolino” and the opera “Arshak II”. The theater is located near the central avenue of Yerevan. The southern end of the building faces Liberty Square, known as one of the most beautiful squares in Yerevan.On the eastern side of the square there is the so-called Swan Lake, which in winter turns into an open-air skating rink. Here you can have a great time skating and drinking tea and coffee in the nearest cafes.


    If you like to spend time in cozy cafes, want to enjoy the clean air, take a walk and get aesthetic pleasure, then you need to visit Cascade. This is an architectural complex consisting of more than 400 steps. In the New Year period, it is decorated with festive lights and acquires special beauty. The Cascade is aslo attractive as the “Cafesjian” Center of theArts is located here. Thanks to the investments of Gerard Cafesjian, an American businessman and philanthropist of Armenian descent, Cascade has become a valuable open-air museum and is famous for the works of modern art installed here, the authors of which are such masters as Fernando Botero, Barry Flanagan, Lynn Chadvi and many others. All passers-by can admire their masterpieces for free. In addition, there are also closed pavilions where the works of Grigor Khanjyan, Fernando Botero, John Altun, Marc Chagall, Arshile Gorky, Andy Warhol and others are exhibited. Temporary exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, educational programs and concerts are regularly held at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts.

    Northern Avenue

    Northern Avenue is one of the main pedestrian streets of Yerevan, where the shops of world-famous brand, cosy restaurants and cafes are located.


    Yerevan is rich in museums of art, history, archeology, etc. Here you can find information about museums and galleries, which are certainly worth a visit.

Traditional Armenian Restaurants

Armenian cuisine is considered one of the oldest in the world and includes delicious dishes prepared from a wide range of healthy products. We offer you a list of the best restaurants in Yerevan, where you can taste traditional Armenian cuisine. The list is based on the TripAdvisor's rating. 


Restaurant with an accent on national cuisine and breakfast. On the restaurant’s menu you will find nutritious and healthy dishes, including traditional “brduch” (Armenian breakfast - sandwich in lavash). In addition to mouth-watering dishes, the restaurant offers friendly service, a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Address: 21 Tumanyan st.,


The restaurant is equipped with an open kitchen, which allows you to follow the process of cooking. Sherep offers a large selection of Armenian national dishes, as well as European dishes. The name of the restaurant “Sherep” in translation from Armenian means “ladle”. Sherep is characterized by high-level service, fresh and tasty food and a friendly atmosphere. Address: 1st Amiryan st..


One of the most popular places in Yerevan for more than 20 years since its foundation. Unusually prepared and served dishes of Armenian cuisine await you on the menu. A pleasant atmosphere and a cozy interior with antique furniture, carpets and candlesticks will ensure a pleasant pastime. Address: 10 Pushkin st., d.10.


​The restaurant's specialty is Armenian national dishes, which are served as Spanish tapas. You can choose to accompany them from the wine list, where more than 800 local and foreign wines are presented. The restaurant has an interesting design and interior details. Address: 6 Saryana st.

Yerevan Tavern (Pandok)

​A chain of four restaurants serving Caucasian and Armenian cuisine. Several times a week, folk dance and song ensembles perform there. Restaurants are located at the following addresses: 91 Teryan st., 5 Amiryan, st., 7 Paronyan st., 29/2 Khorenatsi st.

Day 3: Tsaghkadzor - downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles and zipline

Tsaghkadzor (flower gorge) - The most famous, largest and most developed mountain resort in Armenia, located 40 minutes from Yerevan at the foot of Mount Teghenis. The ski season in Tsaghkadzor begins in mid-December and lasts until the end of March. Daytime temperatures in winter range from -2 to -6 degrees. Currently, Tsaghkadzor is a modern resort, with European ski lifts, high-quality ski slopes, comfortable hotels (with a shuttle service to the ski lift) and restaurants. A modern cable car operates in Tsaghkadzor, including three successive lifts with a total length of 4200 m. A ticket for one lift costs 1,500 drams, an unlimited number of lifts for 2 days - 16,000 drams, and the cost of renting a set of skis is 8,000 drams per day. In addition, for fans of extreme sports in Tsaghkadzor there is also a zip line, which is located near the Kecharis monastery.

Day 4: Lernanist - a new direction for winter holidays

The village of Lernanist is located in the Kotayk region, 45 km from Yerevan. This is a mountainous settlement and in winter there is a lot of snow that will persist for several months. Therefore, the mountain slopes of Lernanist are excellent for skiing and other winter sports. In 2017, thanks to private investment, three ski slopes (500 m) were built here and a ski lift was installed. Nearby are the rental of necessary sports equipment and a cafe. In addition to skiing in the center, you can ride on tubes (inflatable sleds) and a blizzard. In addition to sports entertainment, in the village of Lernanist there are many historical and cultural monuments and a museum of applied art.

Day 5: Khash on Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats is the highest mountain in Armenia, with a height of 4094 m above sea level. It is an extinct volcano and covers an area of approximately 200 km² with a crater 350 m deep. The area is rich in lakes, the most famous of which is Lake Kari. Near it at the foot of Aragats there is a legendary place offering to taste the traditional Armenian dish - khash. Khash is a hot and satisfying soup made from beef hooves, drumsticks and stomach. Greens, garlic, dried lavash and salt are added to the broth. The dish is usually eaten in the early morning. Believe me, trying khash in winter at one of the highest points in Armenia is worth a lot.

Day 6: Ashotsk Ski Center

The village of Ashotsk is located in the Shirak region of Armenia in the highlands. The climate here is continental dry, in winter there are severe frosts - up to -41 degrees. Seven months of the year, the territory is covered with snow, which is why in early 2019 a ski complex was opened here, which promises to become an international ski center in the region. The new complex is equipped with modern equipment and is great for families. The center is the first of 10 projects funded by the European Union to promote outdoor activities and healthy lifestyles in communities and to attract tourists. The goal of the center is to help the Ashotsk community develop ski potential, winter tourism and help athletes participate in competitions and training. The ski center is managed by the Ski Federation of Armenia together with the Ashotsk community.

Day 7: Return to Yerevan

You can’t visit Armenia and not try the legendary Armenian wine and cognac. Winemaking and brandy production are an integral part of the culture of Armenia, so the list of places where you can try these noble drinks can be huge. However, we suggest focusing on the most popular and interesting places.

“ARARAT” Museum of Yerevan Brandy Factory. Here you will learn all about the history of the creation of the legendary Armenian brandy and the details of its production. The museum presents a unique collection of rare ARARAT cognacs dating back to the beginning of the last century. The final stage of the tour will be a tasting of several types of brandy and familiarity with the features of its use.

Restaurant Wine Republic- The restaurant is located in the very center of Cascade and is one of the brightest places in Yerevan. This is just a paradise for lovers of wine and excellent cuisine. Salads, pasta, seafood, hamburgers and Thai dishes at Wine Republic are also impeccable.

InVino is a wine bar located on Saryan Street (which is also called the Wine Street because of the many wine places). InVino offers the finest local wines, including Karas and Takaro. The bar attracts with its cozy interior made of wood.

Enoteca EVN -concerts, art exhibitions and interior design make the place a must to visit and guarantee the opportunity to relax. Enoteca has an underground bar called Green Dragon, which is a mix of distillery, bar and pub with unique live music.

Another extremely fascinating place that we recommend visiting in Yerevan is the Lusik Aguletsi House Museum and Art Cafe. Lusik Aguletsi is a famous artist, ethnographer and writer. She was one of the few people who maintained the traditional image of an Armenian woman in her daily life. The house-museum has 1,500 attributes, including Armenian national clothes, shoes, jewelry, household items and much more. Here, in the museum itself, there is an art cafe where dishes, appliances and interior items are also museum exhibits. 

Visit one of Yerevan's churches on Christmas Day

Temples and religious holidays occupy a special place in Armenia, as Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as the state religion, and the Armenian people sacredly keep their traditions. Therefore, Christmas in Armenia is one of the most important holidays. In many countries of the world, the celebration of Christmas and Epiphany was divided into two dates, however, the Armenian church has preserved its traditions and to this day celebrates Christmas on the night of January 5th to 6th. On Christmas Eve, residents of the country visit temples, from where they bring home the Christmas fire, symbolizing the light of the Star of Bethlehem. In the morning, Armenians go to the Christmas Liturgy and Holy Communion. If you will be in Yerevan on the day of the celebration of Armenian Christmas and you will have free time, be sure to look into one of the churches of the city to feel the atmosphere of celebration and spirituality. For example, it can be the Church of the Holy Mother of God Katogike - a small medieval church on Abovyan Street, the Surb Sarkis Church located on the left bank of the Hrazdan River, or the Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator (the largest Armenian cathedral in Yerevan).

Enjoy your last day in Yerevan

Despite its small area, Yerevan is rich in interesting places. However, it is not only the sights, museums, restaurants, etc. that make it special. Most tourists note that in addition to cultural heritage, it is the hospitality and openness of the residents of Yerevan that make it so special. Therefore, on the last day, just trust Yerevan and go to meet pleasant impressions and sincere moments: take a walk through the morning and quiet Yerevan and feel the fresh frosty air; have breakfast at one of the cafes on the cozy streets of Yerevan; stop by souvenir shops on Abovyan Street and visit the central market to buy delicious gifts for your family and friends. If you have free time, then you can always use our site to find the information you are interested in about holidays in Armenia.

We are waiting for you!