Art Lover’s Guide to Yerevan


Wondering which museums you should visit in Armenia? We have a list tailored just for you

Armenia encompasses number of finest and most famous galleries and museums around the world. The exhibitions put forward many artistic treasures both local and from all across the globe. For the first time visitor and even for someone who has been living in the country for a long time, the number of cultural places might be quite a lot and confusing. In order to make your life easier and your experiences more enjoyable we compiled a list of can’t-miss sites for an Art Lover in Yerevan. 

For the Film Lovers

Sergei Parajanov Museum 

Sergei Parajanov is one of the 20th century’s greatest masters of cinema, recognized not only in Armenia, but across the globe. No film lover can miss out on the opportunity to visit a museum that pays tribute to this amazing artist. With over 1,400 exhibits, the museum presents all its visitors with the chance to relive Parajanov’s life through his ups and downs. Visitors get access to behind the stage aspect of the most famous works of Parajanov such as “Sayat-Nova,” “The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors,” and “The Legend of Suram Fortress.” Props, dolls, drawing, hats and collages; the museum’s collection has it all.

For the Modern Art Enthusiasts

Cafesjian Center for the Arts 

Cafesjian Center for the Arts is basically a heaven for any Modernism lover, with a huge collection of sculptures, murals, crystal and relief displays. Gerard L. Cafesjian had a passion for collecting artworks from various areas of contemporary art. With the official opening in 2009, the impressive collection is now available for viewing. The museum consists of 5 levels and has over 5,000 artworks on display. Even the New York Times described the museum as one of the strongest and most ambitious museum building to open in ages.

For the Lovers of Avant-Garde Sculptures

Ervand Kochar Museum 

Ervand Kochar’s sculptures are one of the most interesting phenomenon of  the 20th century art. Encompassing many elements of Avant - Garde, Kochar put out many outstanding sculptures and paintings throughout his life worth your attention. The works of the artist were displayed along with those of Picasso, Kiriko, Arp and many others. Walking into the museum you will be faced with the creative path of the artist through his graphic works, sculptures and paintings from Paris, Tbilisi and Yerevan periods.  

For those Seeking Cultural Experiences

Armenian Folk Art Museum 

Woodwork, metalwork and textiles, the museum has it all displayed. The works of old as well as modern craftsmen shine a light on the unique cultural and national spirit of Armenian craftsmanship. Currently the Folk Art Museum includes over 12,000 exhibits, yet it’s being constantly enriched due to donations and new purchases. The museum is small, yet it’s one of the must-see landmarks in Yerevan. 

For the Art Lovers Who Want it All

National Gallery of Armenia 

The National Gallery of Armenia is the country’s most major art gallery. With collections displayed in 56 halls, the gallery contains artworks from all around the world. It is perfect for people who have no particular art style or artist in mind and just simply want to enjoy great works of art. There are separate halls for European, Russian, Armenian and Oriental art works as well as for certain famous artists such as Ayvazovsky or Vardges Sureniants. The collection is vast, encompassing art from ancient times till the present day.

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