​Hidden Places in Yerevan

​​Do you think you have seen everything Yerevan has to offer or maybe have all the destinations already on your travel bucket list? Check out our list of cozy places in Yerevan and discover places you didn’t know existed! Sometimes the most hidden spots are the most delightful.​

​​​Modern Art Museum

Hidden behind buildings on Mashtots Avenue, the Modern Art Museumor the Contemporary Art Museum of Yerevan, exhibits the best pieces of artworks in Armenia. Before arriving to the museum you can feel the spirit of modernism spread across the streets and buildings. The museum was built in 1972 due to the great efforts of Armenian local artists and artists from the Armenian Diaspora. Moreover, it is the first contemporary art museum built within the territory of The Soviet Union. The museum is open every day, except Mondays (generally, museums are closed on Mondays in Yerevan). There is also an exhibition hall right in front of the museum where different free solo exhibitions take place. If you love art, add this museum to your "must visit" list.​​

​The Children's Railroad

The children's railroad was created 80 years ago, but the railroad is still functioning today, with a beautiful garden, gaming halls and new trains. Designed to connect the Hrazdan gorge to Yerevan city, the train goes on a narrow gauge railroad loop passing through the gorge. The railroad worked even in winters with special winter wagons during the Soviet Union. Moreover, it was completely free at that time. Now the ticket for a 15-min-journey costs 300 AMD. Interestingly, the old trains are located on the territory of the Children's Railway, so you can safely walk around them to explore. Many things here are preserved to maintain their former appearance, especially the train to the building with old and colorful wooden windows.​

​Small Theatre

​The Small Theatre ​is one of the youngest and most innovative theaters in Armenia. Have you ever thought of the word “small” in a metaphorical way? How small can you imagine a theatre? It’s that small! It’s a cozy place to enjoy unique dance works and emotional performances together that celebrate the power of human imagination. The theatre was awarded by Main Armenian Theatrical Award ARTAVAZD for the performances "Diary of Madman" (2007) "Ophelia's Shadow Theatre" (2008), and "Do Not Leave Me" (2015).

​​Yerevan Lake

The lake, which is also called Yerevan Sea, is the largest artificial reservoir in Armenia. Here you will not find any parks, benches or other places of entertainment, but the scene both in the morning with seagulls over the lake and in the evening with the city's reflection on the lake is worth seeing. There is a story connected with the lake which people still remember. In 1976 Shavarsh Karapetyan, an Armenian fin swimmer, was doing his usual run along the dam in Yerevan, when a large trolleybus carrying 92 passengers lost control and flew off the road intothe freezing water. During the impact, most of the passengers fellunconscious and the bus sank approximately 10 meters deep. Without asecond of hesitation, Shavarsh leaped into the freezing water to rescuepeople. Karapetyan managed to rescue 20 people (he picked up more,but 20 of them survived), but it ended his sports career: the combinedeffect of cold water and the multiple lacerations from glass shards lefthim unconscious for 45 days.​

​​St. Sarkis Church

​​St. Sarkis is one of the most beautiful and spiritual churches in Yerevan. Although it was reconstructed after the most dreadful earthquake in 1835-1842, the old church building has been preserved and the facades are covered with Ani's orange tuff with triangular holes. The church closes with the sunset, but you can still visit it at night to enjoy the beautiful view of the Hrazdan gorge.​