Mouthwatering Foods to Warm You Up In Winter…

Whether you're in the mood for something light or decadent… meaty or vegan… simple or intricate, Armenian cuisine has got you covered.

Harisa, the ideal comfort food

Harisa is that kind of traditional food that demands your time and effort, which makes it sharing with the ones you love all the more special and meaningful.
This thick consistency porridge made with coarse, ground wheat prepared by stirring for a long time contains boiled and slow-cooked chicken whose meat must be cooked super slowly in order for it to become so tender that it melts effortlessly in your mouth
Traditionally harissa was made with lamb, but nowadays chicken has become a more popular option. Chicken or lamb, either way, what's guaranteed with Harisa is that your plate will be fully clean and your belly totally satisfied!

A sweet note of Gata

Nothing tops cozying up in your favorite blanket on a freezing winter afternoon, hearing the rain pour outside or watch the snow lazily fall from your window while warming up your hand with a cup of tea and balancing out the bitterness with a sweet serving of the famous Gata.
This popular finger-licking Armenian pastry is loved by all, and we can see why. It is sweet without being overwhelmingly so. It is easy to store and simply beautiful to look at, also it can have many shapes, sizes, and versions which makes it all the more appealing and customizable. Typically the filling consists of walnuts or simply ‘’kkhoriz’’ which is a delightful mix of flour, sugar, and butter.

The one and only Khash

Something is just simply not right if you don't have Khash on the table on a cold Armenian winter morning.
This eccentric dish, made out of boiled sheep or cow parts, (head, stomach, feet, and more!) might sound a bit strange at first, but once you dig in and have your first spoonful, trust me you're going to come back for another serving.
A generous amount of minced garlic and crumbled dry lavash on top are essential to complement any khash meal. However, what we truly insist on in order to make your khash experience fully legit, is that vodka shot on the side. Yes, you've heard it right, vodka for breakfast with khash, because this combo is simply worth it!

We love Dolma in all its forms...

With the New Year just around the corner, we cannot help but mention this essential dish, which is a staple around this time of year.
The delicately wrapped grape leaves or cabbage stuffed with a mouthwatering combo of rice and minced meat is simply out of this world tasty and there is something just so simply comforting (and eye-pleasing) to see them on the Celebration table each year.
Pasuts Dolma is even more quintessential to welcome the New Year with.
This slight variation is vegetarian and vegan-friendly which makes it all the more awesome. Pasuts translates to lenten in English, given that traditionally this time of Year was a fasting period, and the meal symbolizes prosperity and abundance and all the good things that you need to kick off the year on the right track.
These cabbage-wrapped beauties contain an array of protein-packed grains, from red beans to lentils, chickpeas, bulgur you name it. And in order to make it even more complete, usually, a dried piece of fruit (apricot, plum) is included in order to add up a sweet note. An ideal meal...what's not to love here?

Hey jan… Ghapama !

Also a staple of the Holiday season, the sight of a beautiful stuffed pumpkin at the center of your diner table is enough to make anyone feel festive, excited and most of all ready to dig in.
This Armenian dish is made out of carved and baked pumpkin, filled to the brim with a mixture of rice, dried fruits and all sorts of nuts.
The dish is even integrated into our pop culture and there is a song written in its honour ‘’Hey jan Ghapama’. Yes, this is how much we love and are proud of our very own Ghapama!

So, did we get you excited for winter? We sure have made you hungry, no doubt about that!

Author: Grace Jerejian