Our Monthly Pick… Top Content Creators About Armenia

With all the marvelous wonders that the country has, it’s always interesting to see someone’s personalized impression, have a firsthand seat as they discover the land, and find out some interesting quirky facts or hidden gems that we had never heard of.

In this day and age where social media reigns supreme, we love to discover some super cool, fun and informative content about Armenia. With all the marvellous wonders that the country has, it’s always interesting to see someone’s personalised impression, have a firsthand seat as they discover the land, and find out some interesting quirky facts or hidden gems that we had never heard of.

Absolute Armenia /Aram and Megan

If you haven’t discovered our favorite duo yet, then you are missing on a lot! Aram is from Etchmiadzin in Armavir province and Megan is from Virginia, USA. After travelling the world, and being impressed by all that Armenia has to offer in terms of food, culture, nature and more, they’ve made it their mission to help travellers experience the best time ever by sharing their tips and experiences, so that anyone who sets foot in Armenia makes the most of their trip.

Check their website, or follow them on Facebook.

Armenian Soul /Shushanik Kostandyan

Created during the quarantine, this is a relatively new youtube channel by tour guide Shushanik Konstandyan. Watching her vlogs is like going on a guided fun tour to all corners of Armenia, from the comfort of your own home. After watching her channel, you will want to visit those places yourself, you can count on us!

Take a look at her Youtube channel.

Alin Demirdjian

This is our musical pick on the list. Alin is a Argentinian-Armenian singer-songwriter who was born in Buenos Aires. She has a mission to make the world know about the musical wonders and talent that Armenia is currently producing. A year ago, Alin created the project “One Province, One Song’’ where she travelled to each and every one of the Armenian provinces, and sang with a popular Armenian band/singer, while immortalising the moment with a musical video in the different picturesque landscapes she was at.

The result is astonishing and we just can’t get enough of listening back to back to these songs and hearing Alin’s soothing voice. Alin is still here in Armenia, and is currently working on a new exciting project. We love what she does and we can’t wait to see what this talented artist will bring us next!

Follow her latest news on her Instagram and subscribe to her Youtube channel.

Gyumri Guide /Hovhannes

For all of the Russian speakers out there, this one’s for you.

Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia, and the cultural capital of the country, is the focus of this Instagram account by Hovhannes. He is a tour guide who helps you discover all the hidden gems of Gyumri.

We guarantee that you will have a fun time discovering Gyumri from the perspective of Hovhannes.

Follow his Instagram account gyumri_guide in Russian․

Ishkhan Saakyan

Another great content creator in Russian is Ishkhan. His Youtube vlogs are very interesting and informative and each video is a journey into the Armenian lands but also a great opportunity to meet some interesting people and businesses. From Vanadzor to Dillijan... from rock climbing to visiting wine or cheese makers.… What's for sure is that Ishkhan’s vlogs will keep you entertained and asking for more.

Do not miss any new video he posts, go subscribe to his Youtube channel and follow his Instagram.

Lil.am /Lilith Khachaturyan

Lilith Khachaturyan is a blogger who documents her journey in Armenia and invites you along for the ride. Her contents are always loaded with creativity, and we love their zen aspect and calm vibes.

She is one of the rare bloggers out there who also writes in Armenian as well as English. It is always a pleasure to see Armenia from Lilit’s point of view.

You can follow her on Instagram, and don’t miss out on her blog.

Made in Armenia /Jor Martirosyan

With over 170 000 followers on Facebook, tour guide and vlogger Jor Martirosyan is one of the most popular content creators. He is very active on social media, and you can follow him for continuously engaging videos and mesmerizing shots of Armenian landscapes. If you want to stay updated on the latest happenings in Armenia, then Jor’s got you covered!

Go follow him on Facebook, or Instagram if you are not already!

Next is Armenia with Guin Dalera

Lusine Melkonyan, mostly known in social media as Guin Dalera, is a tour guide who has made it her mission to let the world know about the magnificent charm of her country. Recently she has started her own Youtube channel, Next is Armenia with Guin Dalera, and all we can say is that we adore her vlogging style, her positive energy, and especially her thirst for extreme sports and activities. 

Follow her on Instagram or subscribe to her Youtube channel, if you want to get to know the adventurous side of the Armenian wonderland.

SiraVerse /Siranush Piloyan

Sira, a travel guide and blogger, is very active on social media platforms. She writes her own blog which captivates you from the get go. Her content oozes with an endless drive to go after what’s new and seek new adventures, all done in a very vibrant, positive and energetic way.

We promise you this, once you get to discover Sira’s style of writing, her picturesque visuals on Armenia and her overall unique form of expression, you will definitely want to come back for more.

Check her blog SiraVerse, and for a newer content solely focused on Armenia visit See You in Armenia. Follow her on Instagram for some cool artsy content.

Streets of Yerevan 

Looking forward to the brand new image that #streetsofYerevan is going to post has become a part of our daily ritual and we love it! What is so unique about Streets of Yerevan is that you don’t only get to see the streets and buildings of the capital, but you also get to experience peculiar details and hidden spots that usually skip the eye, but which the blogger’s lense manages to capture and eternalise on her website and social media sites.

Check her website and keep walking and discovering the Streets of Yerevan on Instagram.

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