The Aivazovsky Exhibition will Open in Yerevan


The first month of autumn will be a significant month for art lovers, as the exhibition of the famous marine painter, Ivan Aivazovsky, will open in Yerevan.

​14 September, 2017, marks the opening of the exhibition of the works of Ivan Aivazovsky, which will take place at the National Gallery of Armenia for the next four months, in celebration of Aivazovsky’s 200 anniversary. Art experts from various countries will be present during the international conference, September 15-16, 2017, and will discuss the role and meaning of Aivazovsky’s masterpieces. 

Also on exhibit will be Ayvazovski’s famous painting, “Chaos,” which is usually kept at the Museum of the Armenian Congregation on the island of St. Lazar in Venice.

The exhibition will be open to all visitors during the next four months.

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