Winter in Armenia is Breathtaking!

Winter usually begins in Armenia in late November. In the Armenian capital, Yerevan, the average daily temperature in December ranges from +5 to -5 C. Sometimes it snows, and although the snow does not stay long, the city becomes a real winter wonderland. Many regions of Armenia are covered with white fluffy snow, the cities are all veiled in festive decorations, and the feeling of warmth, joy, and hospitality sets the tone for locals and tourists alike. While there are many historical and cultural sites to see in Armenia, the small town Tsaghkadzor, surrounded by alpine meadows, waits for the ski lovers.

​​​Tsaghkadzor or the Gorge of Flowers

Tsaghkadzor is located around 50 kilometers to the north of Yerevan and 3 kilometers east of the provincial centre Hrazdan.

Located on the southeastern slope of the Teghenis Mountains, at a height of 1841 meters Tzaghkadzor boasts the nest ski slopes in Armenia and was earlier developed as a winter sports based for the then Soviet Olympic Team. Access to the mountain areas is provided by a ski lift  which takes visitors to an area with an impressive 30 kilometers of quality piste over a level change of 800 meters on the slopes of Mount Teghenis.

Tsaghkadzor ​has always been a great resort for exclusive ski holidays in Armenia and is a truly majestic getaway, where the beauty of Mother Nature appears in all its variety. ​The Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort is Armenia’s leading winter sports destination.

The ski area has 16 slopes and 5 ski lifts. One thing to do in Tsaghkadzor irrespective of the season is to take a ride on the ropeway. It will cost around $4 for one stop. The ropeway consists of four levels, all equipped with Austrian seat elevators. The ascent to the top of Mt. Teghenis will last some 40 minutes. The winter delights of the ski slopes on the Mountain are accompanied by an open air ice rink in the town square and Tsaghkadzor also has a wealth of other a attractions for the visitors. 

​Walk Around, Explore the Town

​Within the town one of the key attractions is the Orbeli Brothers Museum which is dedicated to three local brothers who rose to become major international archeological authorities. Tsaghkadzor also has a number of fine buildings including the eleventh century Kecharis Monastery and the Chapel of the Holy Resurrection.