​​​​Cathedral and Churches of Echmiadzin and Archeological Site of Zvartnots, 2000​

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

​Echmiadzin, the Holy See of the Armenian Apostolic Church, developed in Tiridates’ city of Vagharshapat.

It is said that the main cathedral was built in the exact spot where Jesus descended from the heavens and slammed the Earth with his golden hammer. Now a UNESCO site, Echmiadzin is one​ of the most common pilgrimage destinations of Armenia. It is here where the Catholicos of all Armenians resides and carries out his religious duties. Around the complex are also a number of museums and archives coantaining historic documents and artefacts, including a piece of the cross on which Christ was crucified, the spear which pierced his side, and a piece of Noah’s Ark. Close to the complex are the remains of the 7th century cathedral of Zvartnots, which was the tallest church on earth when built!