It’s true: Armenia is a museum under the open skies. You’ll be amazed by the great number of natural, historical and archeological marvels the country has to offer to you. Get to see even more of Armenia’ natural wonders should you venture to go deeper… into the caves.

​​Armenian highlands are distinguished with countless ancient cave dwellings, dating far back into the history of human settlement. ​There is almost any kind of cave you seek in Armenia, from man made caves to natural caves, from human inhabited caves to caves with outstanding rock formations – there's something for every history enthusiast or adventure seeker.​​

For avid adventurers and nature lovers, the most spectacular images in Armenia are underground. With more than 10,000 caves throughout the country, Armenia lures and can challenge the subterranean explorer. Caves are located in every region of the country, but the most impressive ones are in the south. Here, nature lovers can camp near natural springs, under the boughs of ancient forests, or below towering rock formations.