Ski resort

Meaning “the valley of flowers," Tsaghkadzor is a city located in the Kotayk Region, 5 km north-east of the province center of Hrazdan. It is a loved tourist destination for all seasons.

Exercise your favorite winter sport

Snowboard skiers, cross-country skiers come to the ski resort in Flower Gorge, Tsakhkadzor. There is every opportunity to exercise your favorite winter sport since the slopes do not crust and the undisturbed snow supports the boards perfectly.

The ski resort in Tsakhkadzor on the hills of Mount Teghenis is 40 minutes away from the airport. Trails of all levels of difficulty start from the peak of the mountain, which you can reach via Litner ropeway. You will find no line for the ropeway in Tsakhkadzor. The highest point of skiing is 2819m which is just 10m lower than the highest one in Courchevel.

When the weather is clear you will see Sevan from the first level of the ropeway, and Ararat from the peak of Teghenis. The third level of the ropeway is a trail for true extreme lovers. If you go through the passage and then along the ridge of the neighboring mountain, the plane fields and the snowboard slope, you will finish with 8km of continuous drive – a skier’s paradise! Along with breathtaking trails, the cozy resort town also boasts great hotels and restaurants that do not practice a dress-code and offer high class services for affordable prices.

As a settlement, Tsaghkadzor is known from ancient times. In Armenian Tsaghkadzor means “the valley of flowers," and the name Tsaghkadzor is associated with the Tsaghkuniats Mountains. In early medieval times it was used as a hunting ground for the Armenian Arshakuni Kings. In the 6th century, the territory passed into possession of the famous Kamsarakans’ family. In the 10th century the clan of Kamsarakan was replaced with the Pahlavunis’. In 1033 Gregory Magistros Pahlavuni built a church in Kecharuyq in honor of Gregory the Illuminator founding the outstanding Monastery Complex of Kecharis. In 1051 he built the second church and named it St. Nshan.