Hiking in Armenia

For lovers of hiking and mountain scenery, Armenia is undoubtedly the ideal place to travel. A diverse relief will give trekking fans a lot of impressions.

Hiking in Armenia - there are dozens of routes that run through the mountains, where there are numerous monuments of Armenian history and culture. Armenia is rich in many diverse natural landscapes, has seven geographical zones, from deserts and semi-deserts to alpine and subalpine meadows. Armenia is a mountainous country with winding roads, forests and ravines, with a pronounced difference between the seasons: hot and sunny summers, cold and snowy winters, stormy spring and mild warm autumn with variable rainfall. The climate in Armenia is subtropical and dry continental, so the ideal time for hiking is from May to the end of October. In winter, you can go to the ski resort in Tsaghkadzor.

Over 90% of the territory of Armenia is located above 1000 m above sea level. The highest point in Armenia is Mount Aragats, located at an altitude of 4090 meters above sea level. Despite its small territory, Armenia is rich in diverse flora and fauna. About 12% of the country is forested, and is mainly concentrated in the north and southeast.

The hiking season in Armenia begins in April and lasts until the end of November. Autumn is the most suitable and picturesque period for trekking. It lasts longer than the spring season and reveals unforgettable landscapes to the guests of the country. Since September, the leaves begin to acquire a variety of shades and the real “golden” autumn sets in. The average air temperature in autumn is + 17 ° C. The average minimum temperature is + 5 ° C, the average maximum is held at + 24 ° C. In preparing for the trip, it is worth considering the zonality, the higher the elevation above sea level, the lower the temperature. It must also be remembered that the weather is dramatically different day and night and nights can be very cold.

In the summer, you can escape the heat and go to the countryside and provinces. Some of the popular summer hiking destinations are the Dilijan National Park, which covers approximately a 240 km2, the region is rich with many cultural, religious and natural wonders, so your experience will no doubt be eventful. Also mount Aragats, is a great option to escape the summer heat, its northern summit is the highest peak in Armenia, so if you’re looking for a challenging hike, then this one's for you. You can also head to Jermuk and pass by the 68 meter high waterfall on your journey, the ideal way to cool off in the summertime.Some of the other most interesting places for hiking in Armenia are Mount , Azhdahak and Spitakasar in the Geghama mountain range, as well as Mount Khustup.

Armenia is rich in cultural and historical monuments (medieval monasteries, ancient temples, and much more), so a trip to Armenia guarantees both physical and spiritual relaxation. For example, during a trip to Lake Sevan you can get acquainted with the monasteries of the 9th century Ayrivank and Sevanavank, and climbing the mountains to the extinct volcanoes Aragats and Arai Ler will give a meeting with the Amberd fortress (VII century) and the Saghmosavank monastery.

When traveling through the regions of Armenia, you can stay in hotels, in hotels of the “Bed and Breakfast” format, and even just spend the night in the homes of local residents who are distinguished by their hospitality.

It can be said that Armenia is a paradise for all lovers of outdoor activities, hiking and adventure in the lap of unspoiled nature.