Yerevan Zipline Airlines

Experience a huge dose of adrenaline

​“Yerevan Zipline” is glad to announce its opening - all the extreme lovers are welcomed to hover over Hrazdan river and experience a journey to unrepeatable sensations. Yerevan  zipline is the longest in  Armenia at this moment:
The first line is about 870 meters long. The highest point is in the beginning - 123 meters. The zipline passes under the bridge at 87-90 meters height.
The second line is 650 meters, with the height of 60 meters. The  speed is reached up to 120-130 kilometers per hour, giving a huge dose of adrenaline as well as unique and dreamlike moments to the visitor.
It is worth mentioning, that Yerevan zipline is the only one in the world, passing under a bridge.
This pleasure will only cost
14 000 AMD per visitor, while the pleasurable memories afterwards will remain forever.
There are no age limitations for passing it, and what is more important, the zipline  complies with international security standards, serving as fully safe and entertaining pastime for all its visitors.
Yerevan Zipline is  looking forward to welcoming you in their air lines.
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