HayBuis Armenian Herb and Flower Festival

HayBuis Armenian Herb and Flower Festival

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Sat, Jun 29


June 29, 2024


Yenokavan, Tavush Region

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Ask any Armenian, and they'll tell you—herbs are essential to any meal. The HayBuis Festival, translated as "Armenian Herb," celebrates these special ingredients and the traditional knowledge used to forage and prepare them. The festival is held in one of the most picturesque places in Armenia - the Apaga resort located in Yenokavan, Tavush region, an area renowned for its beautiful forests and mountains. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about Armenian herbs and different methods of using them, including their healing properties. The festival features a herbal tea party, educational games to explore forest biodiversity, master cooking classes, and other activities for children. And if you're curious about what a 20-meter long lavash brduch (wrap) looks and tastes like, you can see and try it exclusively at The Hay Buis Festival.