Winter in Armenia

Armenia is the Perfect Winter Destination You Never Knew You Needed.

​​Armenia is a winter wonderland! Many regions of Armenia are covered with white fluffy snow, the cities are veiled in festive decorations, and the feeling of warmth, joy, and hospitality set the tone for the coming holidays.

Best Winter Destination

Armenia has a lot to offer for those seeking active winter holidays. As the colder season approaches, doors for new adventures and experiences open up for those visiting the country. The welcoming environment and the numerous activities of winter Armenia will provide you with all the warmth you need. 

Winter Sports in Armenia

Drive through snowy roads, master snow scooters, stay at a skiing resort and dive into an ice-hole in Sevan. In wintertime the lake is covered with ice and the mountain chain is blanketed with snow. Free riders prefer the slopes of Mount Aragats, while downhill skiers, snowboard skiers, cross-country skiers come to the ski resort in Flower Gorge, Tsakhkadzor. For those who like ice skating, in the winter months Yerevan offers well-equipped ice rinks. Swan Lake turns into a big rink with a festive atmosphere. There is every opportunity to to exercise your favorite winter sport since the slopes do not crust and the undisturbed snow supports the boards perfectly.

Armenian Cuisine During Winter

Winter months in Armenia allow for the development of the cuisine in the best possible direction. Armenian tables get covered in seasonal dishes and all types of comfort food. Sweet, savory and spicy food options will greet you on each step throughout the country. You can sit down and enjoy your food in the warm environment of cafes or you can try out street food options and get all the needed warmth from the authentic local cuisine.

The start of cold months is also an opening for khash season, which is a staple of Armenian cuisine. It is prepared from beef feet and the bones and cooked all night. The result is a thick fragrant broth served with garlic and lavash. It may be surprising, but khash is eaten only in the mornings for breakfast! You can order khash at almost any national restaurant in the winter months.
Winter months are also perfect for vegans and vegetarians who struggle to find tasty food options while abroad. During the Great Lent all cafes and restaurants in Armenia provide vegan options for famous dishes as well as original recipes. This allows for an exploration of new flavors through healthy food options. 

Christmas Season in Armenia

​With the approach of Christmas and New Years, Yerevan becomes decorated with all sorts of garlands and lights. People gather into Republic Square to countdown the huge beautiful fir-tree being lit. Each part of the city takes its own unique color and look. The decorations vary from place to place, each more beautiful than the other. Each part of the city also has its own unique Christmas tree. 
In the park dedicated to the 2750th anniversary of the foundation of Yerevan, you will find a colorful Christmas fair that opens mid December. This Christmas Market fills the air with the festive mood. The market is full of food options as well as handmade crafts that make for great Christmas gifts. If you’re looking forward to Christmas sales you will be delighted to know that Armenia is a perfect place to go shopping during this season. You will find various souvenirs, sweets, and ornaments, accompanied by cheerful songs.