Armenian Hospitality


“Guest in a house - three days he’s a guest, on the forth - he’s a younger brother”. Hospitality is one of the brightest features of the culture of Armenian people. Guest is always offered the best of what there is in the house, the attention of the hosts is concentrated solely on him/her; he/she is surrounded by the cordial atmosphere.

Warm and Hospitable People​

As a visitor, some of the common features you would find when traveling the regions of Armenia would be a smile on people’s faces, sincere will to go out of their way to help newcomers, radiating genuine happiness upon meeting a person and more. In the capital people mostly are busy with their work and problems, so the hospitality spirit of the regions is absent in the hectic life of the city residents. In the villages things are different - it shouldn’t surprise anyone, if right upon entering a house in the village - for just asking anything- you will get an invitation to share the dinner with the family living there.

Welcome - Bari Galust

Most Armenians live in a joint family so often you will find the in-laws, uncles, cousins and others staying together. Saying, “Welcome” (Bari Galust) to a guest is integral to hospitality culture in Armenia and you can expect every member of the family present to greet you. The womenfolk form the backbone of traditional hospitality. Apart from taking full care of all their family members, they never ever let a guest go away hungry or thirsty from their home.​