Events and Festivals

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Armenians love to celebrate, so whatever your interest may be, Armenia has a befitting festival or event! By creating events, we can take the time to celebrate moments, traditions, and life.

With such rich cultural heritage, delicious food, dance, music and faith dating back thousands of years, we have much to celebrate.  Accordingly, festivals are held in various regions promoting local foods, seasons, harvests, breweries, wineries, dairy, cattle, honey, sheep, to name a few…  It’s a place and time for fun and celebration, to embrace the local culture and enjoy the hospitality of the local people. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely new and colorful atmosphere, to get acquainted with some interesting traditions, taste national dishes and enjoy local dance and music.  

​The festivals don't stop with food...there are also yearly film, animation, environmental, and art festivals that are held throughout the country. Other events include jazz concerts at the Opera, contemporary dance performances in local theaters, and cozy concerts in local cafes. There is an event every night to satisfy your interests.  

Find the list of upcoming events and festivals to plan your Armenia adventure.